Protecting Your Grass from Summer Lawn Stress

Protecting Your Grass from Summer Lawn Stress on the green inc

Summer can throw a lot at your lawn. Here are some of the most common summer lawn stressors.

You likely take a lot of pride in your lawn. You’re probably doing everything you should, yet your grass is turning brown despite watering and other ongoing care. That can be a major source of frustration. After all, nobody wants to see brown grass patches popping up on their lawn. This is quite common, as many factors can cause summer lawn stress. Understanding how to prevent these issues with the proper summer lawn care schedule will help protect your grass.

Summer can throw a lot at your lawn. Here are some of the most common summer lawn stressors.

Minimize Traffic on Your Lawn

It might be hard to stay off your grass in the beautiful summer weather, but your lawn will thank you for a break from the high traffic volumes that summer brings. Consider adding stepping stones to areas of your yard that you cross often, and use the shaded areas of your grass for most of your activities. You can still enjoy your grass this summer; just keep in mind the level of traffic to minimize the stress on your lawn!

Keep Your Grass Long

Although it is more convenient to mow close to the ground, give your lawn a break in the summertime and raise the height of your mower’s blades. Mowing higher, about 3.5 – 4 inches for cool season grasses, makes your grass more drought resistant. Raise your mower blades because they provide more summer heat insulation and reduce water loss. Finally, be sure to keep your lawn mower blades sharp to protect your lawn from diseases.

Mulch Your Lawn Clippings

What exactly is mulch? It refers to the grass clippings left over after mowing your lawn. This involves returning lawn clippings to your lawn, which releases nutrients into the soil. Besides covering roots and keeping weeds from spreading, mulch provides moisture control, keeping water levels steady. This will help your grass stay happy and healthy through the summertime.

Water at the Proper Time

Even though watering your lawn seems like a simple task, the summer weather complicates things drastically. It’s not enough to just water your lawn- you must do it correctly. When watering your lawn, do so early in the morning to give your grass time to get water to the roots before the sun evaporates the moisture. Grass needs about one inch of water per week and even more in the summertime. Also, do not water in the evening or night, as it creates perfect conditions for disease activity, such as brown patches.

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