Rodent-Mole Control

Mice, Rats, Voles, and Moles present unique problems that must be solved with different solutions. At On The Green, Inc., we use a few key strategies to resolve rodent activity effectively. Contact us today to speak to a rodent control expert. Proudly serving Annapolis, Gambrills, Severn, Crofton, Maryland and beyond!

Mole Control at On The Green, Inc.

Moles can quickly make a mess of a beautiful lawn! These underground rodents find their way into the lawn at random times of the year. Moles will dig raised tunnels throughout the yard in their search for food. These unsightly tunnels damage the turf, usually resulting in dead tracks throughout the property. Our Mole Control services include a Two-Step Process:

  • Step I: Apply an Organic Repellent to push moles away from the property. This method includes applying a granular product to the surface, focusing on previous active areas to prevent the pest from returning.
  • Step II: Moles are Insectivores that primarily diet on earthworms. Your technician will insert synthetic worm baits into active mole tunnels.

Rodents and Vole Control Process

Maryland is home to various rodent species with different habitats and characteristics. Most common are the Norway rats, house mice, field mice (also known as Voles), and deer mice. Depending on your situation, various methods can eliminate these pesky critters, including reducing favorable conditions, barrier application, traps, and bait stations.

Rodents are persistent and multiply in rapid numbers. Our service includes an initial and repeated treatment in approximately two weeks. After the first two treatments, retreatment is scheduled every 30 days, depending on activity and time of the year. Only after effective and complete control can the service be halted until further activity is noticed. Our Rodent-Mole Control Service is for exterior treatment areas only. For interior control, please ask for our Home Pest Protection Plus.


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