Flea, Ant & Tick Control

Did you know that the CDC offered a list of 16 tick-borne diseases and a variety of parasites spread by fleas in the United States alone?

Don’t let these dangerous pests ruin your outdoor fun and endanger the health of your family!

Get ahead of the game this season with Flea, Ant, Tick control services from On The Green, Inc. Proudly serving Annapolis, Gambrills, Severn, Crofton, Maryland and beyond!

Get On The Green Flea, Ant, and Tick Control Service!

Flea, Ant, and Tick Control is necessary, given the current concern over diseases spread by these parasitic insects. Our Flea, Ant, and Tick extermination service target ticks, fleas, and ants during their active periods.

Here are some things you need to know about the dangers posed by these insects:

  • Ticks pose a significant risk to people and animals. They carry the infamous and life-threatening Lyme disease. The most concerning problem with ticks is that you usually see them only after they bit your pet, you, or your child. Unfortunately, tick pupae are the size of a poppy seed and hardly visible to the naked eye.
  • Ants, while seemingly harmless, can bite and cause allergic reactions, especially in children. They ruin crops and, in large numbers, can invade your home.
  • No one wants to deal with fleas. These pests can lay dormant in the soil for up to 100 days before sensing a host is nearby and springing into action! Fleas carry and transmit a high number of diseases and parasites.

Why Should You Choose Our Flea, Ant, and Tick Control Service?

  • This service offers a low toxicity insecticide similar to flea and tick collars. However, it gets the pest at the source.
  • The benefit of this service is that it stops the insects before they bite, not after!
  • Our Flea, Ant, and Tick Control Service is a solution for the ground-based insects that can (and usually do) invade your property.
  • Targeted applications will address ant populations at the colony and remove disease-carrying pests like fleas and ticks directly from their breeding grounds.

How Do We Implement Our Flea, Ant, and Tick Control Service?

Our service includes six visits during the active periods of fleas, ants, and ticks.

During each visit, your technician will:

  • Complete a professional assessment and identify, treat, and make recommendations to correct potential source areas;
  • Apply an Insect Barrier to your lawn, open landscape beds, and wooded areas to kill and prevent incoming insects.

In addition to killing targeted pests, each application repels new

 incoming insects for four weeks – guaranteed!

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