Tree & Shrub Services

The goal of our Green Care Tree and Shrub Program is to provide necessary nutrients for optimal growth and flowering while protecting the landscape from disease and insects.

What You Need to Know About Our Six-Step Green Care Tree and Shrub Program

Just like our Lawn Care Program, our Tree and Shrub Care service spans throughout the year in six main stages. Our technicians will inspect your property every time and implement the service depending on your lawn’s and landscape’s needs. Here is how our Tree and Shrub Care Program unfolds:

I. Winter: Dormant Oil Application

  • The goal is to kill overwintering insects with this environmentally friendly application.

II. Spring Tree and Shrub Fertilizer

  • We apply a deep root fertilizer injection for ornamental landscape trees.
  • We apply N-P-K balanced nutrient fertilizers for shrubs and perennials.
  • Next, comes a holly-tone treatment for acid-loving trees and shrubs.
  • Finally, we apply lime for alkaline loving trees and shrubs.

III. Spring Systemic Insect Control

  • Spring is the best time for soils drench applications to protect trees, shrubs, and perennials. The treatment provides internal protection for landscaping that lasts the entire season.

IV. Summer Insect and Disease Control

  • At this time, our specialists’ goal is to identify and spot-treat insect & disease infestations.

V. Summer Insect and Disease Control

  • We continue with the identification and spot treatments of insect & disease infestations.

VI. Fall Dormant Oil Application

  • At this time, the Tree and Shrub Care Program aims to eliminate overwintering insects with our environmentally friendly application.

Why Should You Choose Our Six-Step Green Care Tree and Shrub Program?

Here are the main reasons why you should choose our Tree and Shrub Care Service:

  • On The Green, Inc. monitors the University Of Maryland Landscape and Nursery IPM Report to determine the optimal timing of applications to get the best result. These reports help us predict common pests before they attack your landscape.
  • We use organic blends and eco-friendly approaches to safeguard the health of your lawn, family, pets, and the environment.
  • Our program includes all varieties of trees and shrubs you decide to maintain on your property, from the native ones to the more exotic and ornamental species.
  • We tailor all our intervention depending on your vegetation’s needs, and we take into account all variables such as weather, intensive pest and weed activities, diseases, wildlife damages, environmental factors, and so on.

We want you to be proud of your gorgeous landscape. Our Tree and Shrub Care Program guarantees the best results possible for your investment!

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