Deer Guard Service

This winter, deer will cause millions of dollars in landscape damage… but you can prevent that!

What Is Our Deer Guard Service?

On The Green, Inc. offers integrated property-centered services, including protection from wildlife. Our Deer Guard Winter Service and In-Season Applications Program safeguards your evergreens, shrubs, trees, and other valuable landscape material from deer, rabbits and even voles. Moreover, our deterring agents prevent wildlife from finding a home in the comfort of tool sheds, open landscape beds, shrubbery, and other structures on your property.

What Should You Know About Our Deer Guard and Prevention Service?

Each of our applications resists wash-off by rain and snow with long-lasting results. Here is more information about this service:

  • Our program includes two Deer-Guard Winter Applications, one in late fall, and one in late winter.
  • Each of these applications prevents deer from feeding on plant material for up to 3 months.
  • We apply the Deer Guard In-Season treatments during the growing season to maintain four weeks of protection with each application.
  • We then apply the In-Season program, monthly from April to October.

Our Treatment Plan

With each application, your Technician will spray all shrubbery, trees, perennials, and annuals with a professional-grade Deer Pro Repellent. Deer Pro products are available to certified industry professionals and offer the most effective method of vegetation protection.

In case you wondered, our Deer Guard program will not hurt deer, but keep them away from your lawn and landscape. Our methods are cruelty-free and mindful about the safety of your property, your pets, wildlife, and the environment.

Why Should You Choose Our Dear Guard Program?

Our certified specialists will take the best of care of your vegetal elements while keeping deer, voles, and rabbits as far as possible from your premises. We understand the cuteness factor of animals like deer and rabbits in search of food and shelter, but we do also show concern for the integrity and resilience of your lawn and landscape.

If left loose, such animals can run havoc and cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. We ensure that all our applications work as deterrents for months, giving you your necessary peace of mind.

Moreover, as we closely collaborate with the University of Maryland, we employ the latest techniques stemming from scientific data. In other words, we use only the best and safest equipment and materials to keep your property and the ecosystem secure.

Our applications guarantee you will not have to deal with unwanted guests on your property!

Learn More About Our Deer Guard Program

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