Goose Control & Prevention Program

Flight Control® Plus

Goose Feces on SidewalkYour lawn care team uses Flight Control® Plus as part of our patented Goose Control program. The population of Canada Geese (also known in scientific terms as Branta canadensis) in North America is exploding. They have become pests for homeowners all over the continent. The reason why they are such a nuisance is that they cause extensive damage to lawns in addition to noise disturbance and massive volumes of droppings! Despite the ever-increasing demand for goose control strategies, they are federally protected animals. That is the number one reason why there are limited methods available for controlling or deterring them from ruining your home’s lawn and landscape.

Geese are highly adaptable. Even though they’ve migrated away from their once-natural habitats, they’ve made themselves right at home no matter where they’ve chosen to settle. Their movement has allowed them to escape from natural predators and hunters. Because they are drawn by new construction areas featuring retention ponds, most geese are no longer migratory by nature. What this means is that existing Goose Control measures must change to meet this pest species head-on.

Understanding Goose Behavior

Goose WalkingCanada geese are driven by two primary motivations: food and safety. This drive is entirely normal, as almost all creatures, humans included, desire the same. However, the main reason why Canadian geese are now considered a pest species is due to their foul excrement and destruction of turfgrass through feeding and feces compaction. These animals also show extremely aggressive territorial behavior towards humans and other animals. Moreover, they tend to stalk people and beg them for food, a behavior learned by often being fed in public areas.

Threats and warnings can be effective ways to alter their behavior. These approaches work, at least for the short term. Unfortunately, without proper long-term consequences, the geese will learn to ignore such threats. For that reason, threats must be introduced with timely consequences so that they form negative associations – one way of accomplishing this is by taking away their food supply.

How Flight Control® Plus Advanced Goose Repellent Technology Works

Geese see colors in ways that people can’t. That’s the basis of how Flight Control® Plus works. There is a visual warning provided by the light absorbed in the UV spectrum; although you won’t see it, the geese certainly can. The warning is paired with a digestive consequence or negative reinforcement. An irritant compound within the repellent makes the pesky goose sick to their stomach when they eat the grass or turf. Canada geese tend to flock together, and when it comes to Goose Control services, this is actually a good thing. That’s mainly because the entire flock feels compelled to feed on the treated spots. Soon enough, everyone learns to avoid the area and even flee once they can no longer comfortably feed.

Good Reasons Why You Should Deploy Flight Control

Let’s talk about some of the great reasons you should choose to use Flight Control as part of our various Goose Control methods. One of the best benefits is the solution’s persistence – it will continue to work 24/7. It doesn’t hurt the geese, and it is environmentally friendly. In the end, you will see great results come from safe and humane treatment.

It’s Also Capable of Neutralizing Other Nuisance Birds

Many other so-called “nuisance birds” pose problems for your lawn. All birds can see and perceive the Flight Control that has been applied to your lawn. Be sure to let us know if you have any birds you’d like us to deal with, such as Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese, Egyptian Geese, Brant Geese, Muscovy Ducks, and Coots!

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