Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration and seeding are essential steps towards achieving and maintaining a thick and healthy lawn!

What Are the Benefits of Our Core Aeration and Seeding Service?

On The Green, Inc. offers professional Core Aeration and Seeding services to provide you with healthy, thriving, and lush lawns no matter their size. An essential part of your lawn care and landscaping efforts, aeration, and seeding ensure your property reaches its maximum potential. Let’s see why such activities are crucial for your lawn:

  • When you have compacted soil, the sunlight, water, and nutrients do not adequately reach the roots of your grasses, weakening them in the presence of weeds, pests, or diseases.
  • Compacted soil prevents water from reaching deep in the ground; in turn, it can lead to the withering of your grasses and the formation of brown patches.
  • Compacted soil also prevents fertilizers from reaching their targets, rendering them inefficient. In other words, you may spend a lot of money and not enjoy the expected results.

When Do You Need Core Aeration & Seeding?

Yard aeration reduces soil compaction, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the root system while promoting the flow of water. Overseeding deals with stressed areas and improves a lawn’s density and beauty.

On The Green, Inc. provides the Core aeration and overseeding service using the best tools and equipment on the market. Moreover, we will use tailored seed blends that fit your lawn’s profile and help it grow stronger and more beautiful each year.

Consider Core Aeration & Seeding if:

  • Your lawn shows signs of soil compaction.
  • Your lawn and landscape seem to need irrigation more than usual.
  • The yard doesn’t respond well to fertilization.
  • Your landscape presents brown patches and withered grasses more than usual.
  • You notice unusually intensive insect activity on your property.

When Should You Ask for Our Core Aeration and Overseeding Service?

Fall is the best time to seed and repair summer stress. When we discussed our Green Lawn Care Program, we mentioned the fall seeding of Tall Fescue and the fertilization taking place around the same time do not interfere with the germinating seeds.

What Else Should You Know About Our Core Aeration and Overseeding Service?

We use a Certified Tall Fescue seed, top-rated as a Category I by the Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Our tailored blends outrank all other options and are the key ingredients to provide the best results possible for your lawn!

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