Bermuda Control

Bermuda grass is a warm-season turfgrass primarily known for its dense growth, tolerance of low mowing and ability to recover quickly from damage. Due to many of these benefits, it’s primary use in Maryland is for athletic turf.

Bermuda athletic fields feature blue/green color and coarse texture that is very different from lawns in our area. The maintenance of a Bermuda Field is usually extensive, requiring consecutive fertilizer applications and unique treatments to maintain its health and vigor.

However, for the lawns in our area, Bermuda grass has become invasive and many homeowners find it hard or even impossible to remove.

Bermuda has become common in residential lawns, commercial lawns, fields, and rights-of-ways. Specialists attribute the extensive spread of Bermuda grass mostly to seeds carried by wildlife or via transported soil containing live roots or seed.

Nevertheless, the combination of the desirable turf and Bermuda becomes a battle of dominance in the lawn. For many lawn care enthusiasts, such variations do not pose a problem. However, others feel the texture and color differences are unappealing and diminish the turf quality.

Why Do You Need Our Bermuda Control Program?

In the past, common practice meant to treat infested areas with a herbicide and to strip the area of all surface grasses.  After this process, heavy re-seeding and compost become mandatory to start a new lawn.

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Unfortunately, this method is both labor-intensive and costly.  Also, due to small root fibers surviving, the repaired areas would regrow Bermuda within two years, requiring the entire process to start over again.

The high cost of repair and the need to repeat the process leads to frustration.  Also, the repetitive “kill and regrow” process prevents lawns from maturing to the point of well-developed roots and density.

How Do We Approach Bermuda Control?

On The Green, Inc. has developed a process of using a combination of selective herbicides and special oil additives.

  • When mixed, treatment will “suppress” Bermuda grass without causing stress to a Tall Fescue Lawn.
  • One can observe the suppression in the initial bleaching and then the die-back of live plant tissue above the soil.

Our Bermuda Control Program includes four annual applications, one in spring and three during the active growth season.

When continued every year, these applications reach 100% success levels.

This Bermuda Control service allows us to remove Bermuda grass from Tall Fescue lawns effectively and with minimal labor and long-lasting effects!

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