Green Care

On The Green, Inc. provides all its clients with a wide range of lawn and landscape integrated services!

Lawn Care

Our organic-based, six-step Green Care Lawn Program uses organic fertilizers, poly-coated slow-release products, and liquid weed controls to guarantee you the thickest, greenest, healthiest lawn possible!

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Core Aeration and Seeding

Aerating and seeding is an essential part of achieving and maintaining a thick and healthy lawn. Our Aeration and Seeding service aims to repair summer stress with our Category I Certified Tall Fescue seed and blends crucial to provide the best results possible.

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Tree and Shrub Care

Our six-step Green Care Tree and Shrub Care Program is to provide the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and flowering of your trees and shrubs while protecting the landscape from disease and insects.

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Organic Composting

Lawn composting adds natural nutrients to the soil, improving the quality of the lawn’s foundation with beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. The On The Green Organic Composting Service relies on application of a premium quality, organic soil conditioner, natural fertilizers, and mulch products.

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Deep Root Fertilization

On The Green, Inc. offers Deep Root Fertilization Programs for all landscape plant material. We apply beneficial organic fertilizers directly to the root systems to promote stronger branching, denser foliage, better flowering, and heightened resilience against insects, diseases, and environmental stress.

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Bermuda Control

On The Green, Inc. has developed a process of utilizing a combination of selective herbicides and special oil additive that, when mixed, will suppress Bermuda grass without causing stress to a Tall Fescue lawn.

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Surface Insect and Grub Preventative

Our Grub Control treatments kill webworms, grubs, and surface feeding insects. Larvae feed on the roots of plants, being able to damage your lawn to the point of disaster. Our applications provide long-lasting control with guaranteed results.

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