Organic Composting

The soil’s organic content is critical in determining the results of a professional lawn care regimen!

What Should You Know About Our Lawn Organic Composting Service?

Through our On The Green Inc. Lawn Organic Composting service, our specialists add organic nutrients to the soil, improving the quality of the lawn’s foundation with beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. Here are the main benefits of this service:

  • Add organic matter to the profile of the soil;
  • Increase retention of water and nutrients.
  • Adds beneficial bacteria and microbials- both are essential in the biology of the lawn and enhances its ability to process fertilizers.
  • Insulates new seed and greatly improve both germination and seed establishment.
  • End result is a thick, greener turf that performs better.

What Products Do We Use in Our Lawn Organic Composting Service?

ORGRO Premium Compost comes with a finely screened and uniform texture. It is a highly organic compost, ideally suited for use as a soil amendment, top dressing for turf and ornamentals, or potting mix component.

The ORGRO compost conditions the soil with increased organic matter, enabling increased water and nutrient retention for vigorous plant growth and is suitable for a variety of beneficial uses. ORGRO products consist of a mixture of exceptional quality biosolids, wood chips, and sawdust, and carbon ash. Each ORGRO product is environmentally safe and meets the highest level of State and Federal bio-solids quality standards.

Here are the nutrient content details of the Orgro product:

  • Guaranteed Analysis: 1-1-0
  • Total Nitrogen 1%
  • < .25% Water Soluble Nitrogen
  • > .75% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
  • Phosphate (P2O5) 1%
  • Potash (K2O) 0%

On The Green Inc. Organic Composting Recommendations

  • We recommend an annual application at a rate of approximated 1⁄2 cubic yard per 1000 square feet of lawn.
  • Organic lawn composting services implemented after seeding add natural nutrients to your soil. In turn, it improves the quality of the lawn’s foundation and adds beneficial bacteria and microorganisms essential in achieving professional results.

Why Should You Choose Our Organic Composting Service for Your Lawn?

Besides the fact that we use only high-quality certified products, we also employ the best-researched techniques for their application. With the help of our suppliers and experts from the University of Maryland, we perfect our application methods, striving to offer you the best results possible!

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for our organic composting service. Should you not be happy with our results, we will come back and improve any area for you!

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