Protect Your Property from Mosquitos this Spring

Protect Your Property from Mosquitos this Spring on the green inc

Spending time outdoors enjoying your landscape can quickly become a nightmare if pesky mosquitoes swarm you.

Spending time outdoors enjoying your landscape can quickly become a nightmare if pesky mosquitoes swarm you. If you spend any time outside, they will flutter around you until they get to your skin. However, mosquitos aren’t always detectable; they can bite you without seeing or feeling it. But you will notice the itchy marks they’ll leave on your body. Fortunately, you can protect your family and property from mosquitoes. Here are some tips for controlling mosquitoes on your property.

Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes love standing water, so if water pools around the yard, you can also expect plenty of mosquitoes.

Ensure your outdoor faucets aren’t dripping or leaking – leaky faucets can quickly create puddles near your foundation that are perfect for mosquitoes looking to lay eggs. You should also remove any junk or debris that can collect water, such as buckets or overturned trash can lids. Finally, keep gutters and downspout areas clear to ensure water doesn’t collect. In addition, if parts of your yard are lower than others, you may want to use wood chips, decorative mulch, rocks, or other natural items to prevent water from standing in those areas after rain.

Mow Your Lawn

Mow your lawn as needed to a minimum height of 4 inches.  Avoiding very tall grass will minimize hiding places for ticks and mosquitoes.   In addition to keeping your lawn trimmed, pay attention to garden beds and ornamental grasses, which can harbor mosquitoes.  This is where professional insecticide treatments are best suited. 

Call the Professionals

If your problem persists after improving your yard, you can try a treatment program in shaded areas with long grass and shrubs or high density wooded areas to more effectively control larvae and adult mosquitoes.  

Identify the parts of your lawn that are known to accumulate water. You can cover these poorly drained areas in your yard with a layer of stones or topsoil. If you are looking for an effective pest control treatment or a second opinion on the source of your mosquito problems, contact your local mosquito exterminators. 

At On The Green, Inc, we use safe, eco-friendly, and reliable products and insect repellents to keep your family and lawn safe. We know these pesky bugs can ruin your outdoor activities, transmit disease, or invade the house, so we offer perfectly timed visits during active insect periods.

On The Green, Inc. Lawn Care is Here for You! 

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