Acelepryn for Grub Control

Acelepryn for Grub Control on the green inc

To maintain a healthy lawn and prevent destructive pests, consider using Acelepryn Insecticide – the top solution for long-lasting lawn grub and surface-feeding insect control.

As the warmer months approach, homeowners eagerly anticipate transforming their lawns into lush, green landscapes. Unfortunately, spring and summer are prime seasons for lawn grubs to invade and destroy your precious turf. To maintain a healthy lawn and prevent destructive pests from turning your green oasis into a brown, patchy mess, consider using Acelepryn Insecticide – the top-choice solution for long-lasting lawn grub and surface feeding insect control. Let’s go over how to protect your property with Acelepryn.

The Importance of Grub Control

Prevention is always better than a cure, and when it comes to our lawns, we should take it seriously. The healthiest properties are the most attractive targets to grass-damaging pests, and extensive damage has already been done when we notice something is up. Recovering from a grub attack can take weeks or months, not to mention extensive insecticide application, so being proactive with your lawn’s health is the key. Controlling grubs and insects proactively allows your yard to remain healthy without the need for harmful insecticides and months of recovery.

What is Acelepryn?

Acelepryn protects your lawn from grubs and damaging surface insects in one single application for up to six months. The advanced formula targets a specific muscle receptor common in damage-causing grubs and insects. Plants absorb these insecticides through the foliage, or roots and then are stored within the plant. When a grub or worm feeds on the plant, the pest also ingests the insecticide. The pest then perishes before any noticeable damage can be done. Other organisms like bees, earthworms, birds, fish, and mammals do not use the same muscle receptors and remain unaffected, making Acelepryn one of the safest insecticides on the market.

Benefits of Acelepryn

One of the many benefits of Acelepryn is it has a very long residual life within the plant. This means:

  • The product can be applied earlier in the season than other grub control products.
  • Acelepryn also controls common springtime insect pests like sod webworms. Sod webworms are surface feeders that usually go unnoticed until they’ve already caused problems.
  • Acelepryn is the safest grub control product available. Pesticide labeling usually requires the use of a signal word on the label. Caution indicates the lowest level, Warning is the middle, and Danger is the highest. Acelepryn is a no-signal word product and is classified as a reduced-risk pesticide. 
  • Low impact on human health
  • Lower toxicity to non-target organisms (birds, fish, plants)

When to Apply Acelepryn

Acelepryn offers the most effective pest control when applied in April or May. The wide application window of Acelepryn gives lawn care professionals the flexibility to make grub applications at a convenient time. For optimal results, it is good to identify the type of pest you are dealing with, as this will affect the amount of insecticide needed and the best application time.

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