Preparing Your Trees and Shrubs for Spring

Preparing Your Trees and Shrubs for Spring on the green inc

Homeowners focus most of their attention on their lawns but forget that shrubs and trees need attention too.

Homeowners focus most of their attention on their lawns but forget that shrubs and trees need attention too. In urban and suburban conditions, trees and shrubs are under more stress than those in their natural environments, where nutrients are readily available. We know you want to protect your investment in your lawn, and the best place to start is by caring for your plants. Here are some tips for preparing your trees and shrubs for spring.


Pruning involves trimming off dead or damaged branches from previous seasons. For plants, the best time of the year to prune is late winter or early spring when they are still dormant. You can more easily see the old wood and shape the plant before buds emerge. Pruning is a simple but essential process for trees and shrubs because it encourages new growth and increases plant strength when temperatures warm. 


Fertilization helps plants and trees stay healthy and strong. Fertilizer replenishes expended and used nutrients. It supplies food to keep plants and trees healthy and fight off disease and pests. To avoid damaging your plants or spending money on unnecessary fertilizer, look for signs of nutrient deficiencies before fertilizing your trees and shrubs, including:

  • Decreased growth in plants, such as smaller leaves or reduced production of twigs, branches, or flowers.
  • Discoloration of leaves or increased leaf drop.
  • Recently transplanted plants that are still establishing their roots.

Weed Control

Controlling weeds in your landscape is tedious, but it is a critical part of lawn care. Weeds steal water and nutrients from shrubs and trees. Perennial weeds return yearly, have extensive root systems, and are more challenging to control than annual weeds. You can remove weeds by hand-pulling. You can also keep a thick layer of mulch and use landscape fabric to deter weed growth.

Healthy Mulch

Mulch recreates the natural forest floor, which is covered by leaves and other organic matter. It cools the soil, adds nutrients, prevents weeds from growing, retains vital moisture, and insulates the roots during winter. Maintaining at least a three-inch-thick layer of fresh mulch yearly is important.

Proper Watering

The same watering practices for grass apply to trees and shrubs. Water deeply, and give a good soaking weekly rather than shallow, frequent watering. Some plants prefer more water, while others require less. Knowing your landscape watering needs will prevent you from drowning your plants and reduce disease. It is best to water in the early morning before sunrise to avoid water loss to evaporation.

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