Fall Landscaping: 4 Essential Tips

Fall Landscaping: 4 Essential Tips

Autumn is the ideal time to tackle some end-of-the-year work and focus on your lawn care maintenance.

With the summer season coming to a close, the days getting shorter, and the temperatures cooling a bit, it is easy to assume your landscaping doesn’t need much attention. However, fall landscaping is vital if you want your lawn to flourish in the spring. Landscaping goes well beyond mowing the grass. Autumn is the ideal time to tackle some end-of-the-year work, and it is also a time to focus on your lawn care maintenance. Keep reading for some helpful fall landscaping tips.

Aerate the Soil

Your soil and grass go through a lot throughout the year. It’s been trampled on by you and your family, rolled over by lawn equipment, and taking a lot of direct stress from the weather. Once fall rolls around, the grass and its roots become compacted, affecting how it grows. Aeration uses special equipment to perforate the ground with shallow indentations. This process helps loosen those compacted grassroots and opens up the ground, making it more receptive to moisture, fertilizer, and seed. Aerating the soil during your fall landscaping gives it a healthier start for the following spring.

Overseed Your Lawn

Fall is the perfect time to consider seeding or overseeding your lawn because it’s easier for the young root systems to thrive without the high temperatures of summer. Seeding means implementing new grass seeds of the same type so they will be nice and strong by spring. Traditional seeding involves some kind of aeration first, so the seeds sprout closer to the existing root systems.

Overseeding involves scattering seeds on the top of the ground without disturbing the turf. Whether you opt for seeding or overseeding, there are many benefits to doing so. For example, overseeding an existing patch of grass helps it retain more moisture in the soil and return valuable nutrients to the ground.

Fertilize as Needed

It is recommended to fertilize the landscape in the fall, even though some people choose to fertilize multiple times a year. When you fertilize in the fall, you add vital nutrients to the ground when the growth processes of the plants are slower. Fall landscape fertilization gives the soil what it needs to support healthy growth throughout the year.

When spring comes back around, those plants will kick into high gear and start draining the soil of those nutrients.

Check for Pests

Your lawn is still at risk for pests and insects during the fall season. Warm season lawns are still susceptible to fungal diseases like dollar spots during the fall. Fungicide treatments are recommended, particularly if your region has experienced a hot or damp summer. All lawns are susceptible to pests like ants and ticks during the fall. Keep an eye out for anthills on the soil or ticks hiding in the grass. Check out our Flea, Ant, and Tick Control Services for more information on protecting your property.

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