Identifying Signs of Deer Damage

Identifying Signs of Deer Damage on the green inc

Deer can cause significant damage to your property and landscape, especially in the fall.

Deer can cause significant damage to your property and landscape, especially in the fall. At On The Green Inc, we can help reduce the presence of deer in and around your property. But how do you recognize the signs of deer infestations in the first place? Deer are pretty active in the fall. They leave behind traces of damage that may be confused with other animals. No matter the case, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Keep reading for some common signs of deer damage in your yard.

Missing Leaves and Plants

Ornamental plants improve the look of your garden and landscaping. Unfortunately, these plants are a major food source for deer. Because they eat the buds, leaves, and stems, the plants don’t get the necessary nutrients to live. Deer are known to hang out in farms, gardens, and residential neighborhoods. If you notice the lower branches on your trees beginning to disappear, there are likely deer in the area. Due to the damage, the twigs and stems will look as though they have been aggressively pruned.

Deer Browsing

Deer often like to browse or nibble as they go. Instead of eating from just one plant, they take bites from multiple plants a little at a time. Many plants will have smaller pieces bitten off rather than one full plant eaten. Deer browsing can weaken your plants and make them more likely to die out before winter.

Antler Rubbing

Deer engage in a habitual behavior known as antler rubbing. Their antlers are covered in velvet, which is quite unpleasant, so they rub their antlers along trees and branches. The normal breeding season is fall, so the velvet begins to shed at this time. This process aids in polishing the antlers before they detach and drop in midwinter. Deer rubs are small trees in prominent locations where deer rub their antlers against the bark, removing it from the tree until the hardwood remains. This damage is permanent and will often affect the tree’s health.

Deer Control Services at On The Green Inc

Our certified specialists will take the best care of your plants and landscape while keeping deer and other pests as far as possible from your property. We understand the cuteness factor of these animals in search of food and shelter, but we also show concern for the integrity and resilience of your lawn and landscape. When you choose our treatment plan, your Technician will spray all shrubbery, trees, perennials, and annuals with a professional-grade Deer Pro Repellent. Our Deer Guard program will not hurt deer but keep them away from your lawn and landscape. Our methods are cruelty-free and mindful of the safety of your property, pets, wildlife, and the environment.

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