Benefits of Organic Lawn Composting

Benefits of Organic Lawn Composting on the green inc

Lawn composting adds organic nutrients to the soil, improving the lawn’s foundation with beneficial bacteria and microorganisms.

Lawn composting adds organic nutrients to the soil, improving the quality of the lawn’s foundation with beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. By adding compost to your lawn, you give back to the environment and aid in your soil’s ability to retain water and essential nutrients for a more vibrant and healthy lawn. This process includes spreading a bulk organic material over the yard that, within a few weeks, will settle into the lawn’s soil layer. The result is a healthier lawn that is greener, thicker, and easier to maintain. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of organic lawn composting.

Organic Lawn Composting Improves Soil

One of the main benefits of using organic lawn products is how much it helps your soil. Organic products add to your soil, unlike chemicals that damage microorganisms. Adding compost helps your soil absorb and hold more water than chemical lawn care options. It also ensures that your yard still looks healthy when there is not as much rain to depend on.

Organic composting can help reduce your yard’s water needs by increasing the sponginess of your soil, allowing your grass to grow thicker, deeper roots. A thicker root system tends to fare better during a dry spell, so your lawn and garden will stand out among your neighbors.

About Our Organic Composting Service

When you choose our Lawn Organic Composting service at On The Green Inc, our specialists add organic nutrients to the soil, improving the quality of the lawn’s foundation with beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. Here are the main benefits of this service:

  • Add organic matter to the soil profile
  • Increase water and nutrient retention.
  • Adds beneficial bacteria and microbes- essential in the lawn’s biology and enhances its ability to process fertilizers.
  • Insulates new seeds and improves germination and seed establishment.
  • Creates a thick, greener turf that performs better.

The Products We Use

ORGRO® High Organic Compost is a line of premium quality, organic soil conditioner, natural fertilizer, and mulch products. ORGRO compost conditions the soil with organic matter, enabling increased water and nutrient retention for vigorous plant growth, and is suitable for various beneficial uses. ORGRO products are a mixture of high-quality bio-solids, wood chips, sawdust, and carbon ash. Each ORGRO product is environmentally safe and meets all State and Federal bio-solids quality standards.

Why Should You Choose Our Organic Composting Service?

Depending on the size and composition of your lawn, we recommend an annual application at a rate of approximately 1⁄2 cubic yard per 1000 square feet of lawn. Organic lawn composting services implemented after seeding add natural nutrients to your soil. In turn, it improves the quality of the lawn and adds beneficial microorganisms to achieve professional results.

Besides using only high-quality certified products, we also employ the best-researched techniques for their application. With the help of our suppliers and experts from the University of Maryland, we have perfected our application methods, striving to offer you the best results possible!

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