Recognizing the Signs of a Mole Problem

Recognizing the Signs of a Mole Problem on the green inc

Don’t hesitate to contact On The Green Inc if you have a serious mole problem.

A mole infestation in your yard is a time-sensitive issue, so it’s important to know what signs to be aware of. If you act quickly, you can reduce mole damage to your property. Many homeowners don’t recognize the common signs of a mole invasion. So their yard suffers unknowingly until there is severe damage, such as a collapsed driveway. Don’t hesitate to contact On The Green Inc if you have a serious mole problem. Keep reading for some tips for identifying mole damage and how to treat it.

What is a Mole?

Moles are part of the rodent family and can grow between 6 and 12 inches long. They are identified by their dark fur, small eyes, long, hairless snout, and webbed front paws. They have large forefeet to burrow into the earth, and these claws compensate for their poor eyesight. Poor vision makes them vulnerable to predators, so moles spend most of their life underground. 

Signs of Mole Damage

Mounds of Dirt

Dirt mounds are one of the first signs of mole damage on your lawn. These piles signify an entry or exit of an underground tunnel. Moles tunnel under your yard to access their underground homes or search for food. If only a few mounds exist, your mole problem is just starting. However, several mounds mean you have more than one mole in your yard. It’s common for multiple moles to share one property.

Plant Damage

As moles search for food and shelter, they expose plant roots which cause them to dry out and eventually die. Mole activity also can physically remove the plants from the soil. So if it looks like someone’s been ripping up your plants in a careless fashion, it’s probably the work of a pesky mole. Moles like to eat pesky grubs and other annoying insects; unfortunately, they tend to destroy a lawn in the process.

Loose Soil

Another side effect of a mole infestation is loose soil on your property. Loose soil is another problem caused by tunneling. If you notice soft spots in your grass, there’s likely a tunnel underneath the surface. If left unattended, a mole invasion in your yard can result in extreme damage, such as collapsed driveways and pools, exposed plant roots, or damaged sprinkler heads. Moles dig down around 10 inches below the surface, where it is easier for them to find food. However, they can dig even deeper due to powerful front claws. 

How to Get Rid of Moles

The surest and safest way to get rid of moles is to contact On The Green, Inc. We have the necessary experience, equipment, and training to protect your home and lawn. Moles are a target for fleas and ticks, so you should never handle moles yourself. We implement a treatment based on an organic repellent to push moles away from your property, which includes applying a granular product to prevent recurring activity. Your technician will insert a bait into the mole tunnels with high activity. This method minimizes the return of these pesky critters. Our specialists have years of training and all the certifications to take care of a mole problem without endangering the landscape, your pets, or the environment.

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