Tick Control– How to Protect Yourself

Tick Control– How to Protect Yourself on the green inc

Tick bites aren’t reserved for forest walks and camping adventures. In fact, these pests strike closer to home

The weather is finally getting warmer, and it feels so good to be outside enjoying the summer. While walking through the neighborhood or playing with your family in the yard this season, be on the lookout for ticks. Tick bites aren’t reserved for forest walks and camping adventures. In fact, these pests strike closer to home. You are more likely to come in contact with ticks on your lawn and garden. On The Green, Inc provides comprehensive tick control services for our clients. Here are some tips for protecting yourself from ticks this season.

When are Ticks Active?

Depending on where you live, ticks in your area may stay active year-round. The weather in the Maryland area is warm enough for ticks to be active most of the year and humid enough for them to thrive. However, tick activity usually spikes from April through September. Immature ticks called “nymphs” are responsible for the majority of tick bites. Nymph activity, and the transmission of Lyme disease, tend to peak between May and July.

What Attracts Ticks to Your Yard?

Ticks thrive in warm, moist environments, and they prefer shade and places to hide. Tallgrass, ground cover, and shrubs are a few of their favorite places to make their homes. Since ticks often find their way into people’s hair, it’s easy to assume they like to hide in trees. However, ticks prefer to keep close to the ground and find their way to your head after latching onto you.

Ticks are active year-round, so if you want to focus on prevention, you must start before temperatures rise. 

Protecting Your Yard Against Ticks

Tick control is an essential component of your landscaping. You may not be able to keep all ticks out of your yard, but you can reduce the risk of an infestation by taking the proper measures.

Clear Your Yard

Ticks love to hide in fallen leaves, bushes, and outdoor furniture. Also, rodents and other pests carrying ticks often burrow in debris or forgotten lawn equipment. Be sure to clean your yard of any dead leaves, broken branches, and other trash to prevent ticks from building their nests on your property.

Mow Frequently

Most ticks like to hide in tall grass where they can grab onto a host as they walk by. Keeping your grass trimmed will encourage ticks to hunt somewhere else.

Build a Natural Barrier

To prevent ticks from entering your lawn, it’s best to clear all shrubs, tall grasses, and trees around your property’s edge. Instead, line your yard with gravel or mulch. These areas are hot and dry, making it difficult for ticks to cross.

Call the Professionals

If ticks are plaguing your yard and you want a simple solution, contact the pros at On The Green Inc. We offer a low toxicity insecticide similar to flea and tick collars that gets the pest at the source.

Contact us today to learn more about our tick control services.

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