Grub Control– Preventing Damage to Your Lawn and When to Apply

Grub Control– Preventing Damage to Your Lawn and When to Apply on the green inc

White grubs, also known as Japanese beetles, present a significant hazard to your lawn’s health

Between keeping up with fertilizing, seeding, mowing, and watering, sometimes homeowners overlook proper grub control and prevention on their lawns. This aspect of lawn maintenance is critical, and you should pay close attention because grubs can potentially destroy the health of your grass rapidly. White grubs, also known as Japanese beetles, present a significant hazard to your lawn’s health. These grubs consume the roots of all grass species and eventually destroy an entire root system. Here are some essential facts about preventing damage with grub control.

Identifying a Grub Problem

White grub larvae typically hatch in late spring or early summer. These larvae or grubs damage plants by feeding on roots and are identifiable by their creamy white color and three pairs of legs. 

A variety of animals enjoy eating lawn grubs and other insects. If you see any of these animals foraging in certain areas of your lawn, especially if the grass shows signs of discoloration or browning from drought stress, it’s a strong indication of a white grub infestation:

  • Raccoons
  • Skunks
  • Moles
  • Birds

Preventing Grub Damage

The harm has already been done by the time you notice grub damage on your lawn. Grubs damage the turf by eating the grassroots and cause discoloration. These brown spots on the surface result from a damaged root system that can not supply water to the leaves. Additionally, your turf may show signs of thinning due to crows picking chunks of grass or rodents making a mess of the brown, dead patches. Preventing grubs from invading your lawn can save hundreds to thousands of dollars of damage in lawn care restoration services.

Grub Control Insecticides

It is very important to get ahead of a grub control infestation by protecting your lawn. You will likely deal with grubs at some point. When that happens, the most common solution is to use chemical applications to get rid of grubs. They are effective, easy to use and work quickly.

However, there are also some serious risks to using chemical insecticides, and even though many people apply them themselves, it’s still recommended to call a professional.

When to Apply Grub Control

The key to controlling grubs is to kill them before they hatch and damage your lawn. The time to apply grub control is between June and mid-August. Most grub control products available work as a preventative, keeping the newly hatched grub from growing. At On The Green Inc, we apply our Surface Insect and Grub Preventative starting in June as a part of our Green Care Lawn Program. During the early summer months, grubs actively feed and stay close to the surface, so this is the best time for control.

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