Tree and Shrub Care– How to Protect Your Investment

Tree and Shrub Care– How to Protect Your Investment

Here are some tips for caring for your trees and shrubs to protect your landscape.

Trees, shrubs, and other landscape plants are essential elements in our yards and need to be cared for properly. Not only do they add life and color, but trees and shrubs also create desirable curb appeal and increase property value. While fully grown shrubs and trees may seem self-sufficient, they need to be maintained to ensure they look their best. Here are some tips for caring for your trees and shrubs to protect your landscape.

Properly Water Trees and Shrubs

Proper watering is the most crucial factor in keeping trees and shrubs alive. Of course, exactly how much water your plants need depends on various factors such as size, soil structure, and temperature. Fully grown trees and shrubs need to be watered once a week. Be sure to water the roots using a soaker hose, which is an effective way to water since the roots are porous and release water slowly.

Mulch Around Trees and Shrubs

Landscape mulch does wonders for your yard. It provides curb appeal with its clean and tidy appearance and helps the soil retain moisture, and suppresses weeds. A rule of thumb is to apply mulch around the plants’ base and root zone no greater than 2 inches deep and refresh annually. The mulch will ensure that the soil is enriched with micronutrients.

Fertilizer Helps Trees and Shrubs Thrive

Shrubs and trees require nutrients to grow and thrive. Without proper nutrients in the soil, they will not reach their full growth. In fact, fertilizing your plants produces greener, larger leaves, increased flowering, and overall plant health. How much fertilizer to apply varies with the age and location of the landscape plants in your yard. Our technicians are trained to use the proper method of fertilization for trees and shrubs based on the type of plant and time of year.  During the spring, deep root fertilizing, N-P-K balanced nutrients, holly tone, and lime are all important fertilizers that On The Green, Inc. is trained to manage. 

Protecting Trees and Shrubs from Pests

In addition to watering and fertilization, protecting your landscape plants from insects and other pests is essential. These pests can often cause extensive damage to your trees or shrubs.

Spring is the best time for a soil drench application to protect trees, shrubs, and perennials. On The Green, Inc. provides the best of these pest treatments that provide internal protection for landscaping that lasts the entire season. Contact us today for your Tree and Shrub care!

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