4 Fall Core Aeration Tips

4 Fall Core Aeration Tips on the green inc

Core aeration is one of the best ways to ensure that your lawn is ready for the upcoming winter.

Autumn is well known for its earthy colors, pumpkin-flavored treats, and comfy sweater weather, but it’s also a perfect time of year for lawn care. After a scorching summer, the cool weather translates to optimal growing conditions for your grass. Addressing any damage done over the summer, preparing for a cold winter, and setting yourself up for a successful spring are all tasks to tackle in the fall. Core aeration is one of the best ways to ensure that your lawn is ready for the upcoming winter. This process is important to maintaining the health and beauty of your property for years to come. Keep reading for some tips on aerating your lawn this fall.

What is Core Aeration?

Core aeration mechanically removes small plugs, or “cores”, of soil from the lawn with an aeration machine. The process leaves pieces of soil and thatch on the yard’s surface so they can seep back in and create a healthier environment for your grass to grow thick, green, and lush.

Don’t Remove the Plugs

You should leave the plugs removed during aeration scattered on your lawn. Do not remove these plugs because they contain vital nutrients to restore your lawn. Instead of collecting and removing plugs, you can run over them with a lawnmower after they are dry. Mowing over the plugs or breaking them up with a rake allows them to disintegrate and return to the holes they came from. If left alone, the plugs will disappear in a few weeks, improving your lawn’s overall health and appearance.

Combine Aeration with Overseeding

Overseeding addresses patches or other bare spots in your yard. The increased root growth of autumn combined with aeration helps you get the most out of a seeding application. Aerating your lawn creates a fertile bed where new seeds can take root. The combination of air, nutrients, space, and water allows new seeds to flourish and fill in patchy areas. If you are already investing in seed and fertilizer, it makes sense to aerate your lawn to ensure healthy growth.

Hydrate Your Lawn

Moisture is vital to lawn care and is especially critical for core aeration. Unfortunately, a difficult lawn to aerate is most likely the one that most needs core aeration. The aeration machine may not function properly if you try to aerate a dry, compact lawn.

For best results, it is essential to have a solid lawn to maintain the plug shape but not so compact that the plugs can’t be extracted. It is best to aerate the day after watering or rain showers. Be sure to wait until your lawn is moist without being sopping wet to get the most out of aeration. 

Call the Professionals

While DIY lawn treatments can be a great start, they rarely deliver the same results as a professional aeration service. Also, trained lawn technicians with years of experience know how to aerate your lawn without damaging your turf, which is easy to do by accident. Contact On The Green Inc today to learn more about our Green Care Lawn Program for your lawn care needs.

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