5 Signs It’s Time to Seed Your Lawn

5 Signs It's Time to Seed Your Lawn on the green inc

Many homeowners wait until their lawn is in bad shape before taking action, which can often lead to extensive damage.

Aerating and overseeding your lawn is essential for its health, but you have to perform these tasks at the optimal time for them to be as effective as possible. Your yard can look thin and worn over time, especially after a grueling summer. Many homeowners wait until their lawn is in bad shape before taking action, which can lead to extensive damage. If you’re unsure whether it’s time to aerate and seed your lawn, keep reading for some telltale signs.

Fall is Here

Autumn is the best time to aerate and seed your lawn. During summer, your lawn’s soil may become compacted and can no longer maintain the environment that provides micronutrients to enhance the root system. Aeration allows water, air, and nutrients to enter the soil to ensure grassroots and seedlings have the ideal environment.

There’s Thatch on Your Lawn

Thatch is a layer of dead plant matter that accumulates on top of your grass. A layer of thatch thicker than half an inch prevents water, oxygen, and nutrients from getting to the root system. Core aeration helps to decompose thatch at a faster rate. 

Thin or Bare Patches

There are several reasons your turf might be thinning, but soil compaction is the most common. Slow growth and bald patches indicate that grassroots cannot absorb enough water and nutrients. As a result, these roots begin to die, and your lawn loses healthy green turf. An experienced lawn care company can prevent this issue and help restore grass density.

Discolored Grass

Brown or yellow spots on your lawn are usually a sign the root system does not have the proper nutrients to thrive and grow. It is time to aerate and seed if you notice other signs in combination with discolored areas. 


If you notice puddles on your lawn, it may mean that your soil is compacted, and oxygen and water can not penetrate the root system. Compacted soil keeps nutrients from reaching the grassroots and creates breeding grounds for insects and mosquitoes. Furthermore, grass seeds can get washed away with rain or sprinkler systems when you seed on compacted soil.

Call the Professionals for Aeration and Seeding

Core aeration and overseeding are critical parts of your overall lawn care program. If you need professional help with these processes so you can be confident they are performed at the proper time, reach out to the experts at On The Green, Inc. Contact us today to learn more about our Green Care Lawn Program for your lawn care needs.

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