Best Practices for Fall Seeding

Best Practices for Fall Seeding on the green inc

Fall is regarded as one of the best times of the year to plant grass seeds.

Fall is regarded as one of the best times of the year to plant grass seeds. Taking advantage of the optimal growing conditions of the season makes establishing new grass seed much easier. On The Green, Inc. has been busy with many of our fall services. From fertilization to core aeration and more, we are taking advantage of this time before winter to ensure your lawn is as green and healthy as possible. Even the best-looking lawns usually have at least one area that can use some fresh seeding. Ensuring your property is ready for winter is very important, and this can significantly impact how prepared it is for spring.

When to Seed

Generally, the period between mid-August through October is a good time to seed your lawn. This gives the new seed enough time to germinate and fully establish before heavy frosts and cold winter temperatures set in. The longer you wait, the harder it will become as soil and air temperatures drop below optimal levels. If the seed does germinate late in the season, young seedlings often do not survive winter because they are too young for harsh conditions. Heavy frost can also be stressful on new seedlings making them less likely to be established.

Water is Essential

Watering is the next important step after timing your seedlings. Water is essential, and the seed cannot grow without it. Light, frequent watering multiple times a day is vital until the grass is fully established. This ensures the seed remains moist and does not dry out. Heavy watering for long periods could wash the seed away before it can take root.

Germination Time

Several factors determine the speed at which seed germinates and establishes itself. In addition to weather conditions, grass species have the biggest influence. Each species germinates at a different speed, some quicker and some slower than others. In optimal weather and growing conditions, some seeds can germinate in as quickly as 4-7 days, while other species take as long as 21 days before germination begins. 

Our Fall Seeding Service Guarantee

When you use our seeding services, you can rest assured that we will provide your lawn with the best care and services possible. We use Blue-Tag Certified Seed and perform ongoing care with products to promote and maintain your new lawn. It is important to follow all after-care instructions to get great results.

On The Green, Inc. guarantees seed will germinate and grow in all areas serviced to customers that follow our Care Instructions. If, after four weeks of care, areas have failed to germinate and fill in as expected, don’t hesitate to contact our office so we may inspect the lawn and over-seed any problem areas at no charge to ensure uniform turf density.

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