Dormant Oil Spray for Pest Control


Dormant Oil Spray for Pest Control

If you’ve had problems with pests on your trees or bushes this year, applying a dormant oil spray is an excellent way to protect your landscape.

While you are happily enjoying fall, admiring the changing leaves, and cheering at football games with your family, insects are busy laying eggs in your trees and shrubs. They will wait there all winter, and then in spring, their eggs will hatch into hungry larvae that will feed on your precious trees and plants. If you’ve had problems with pests on your trees or bushes this year, applying a dormant oil spray is an excellent way to protect your landscape. Keep reading to learn more about dormant oil spray for pest control.

What Is Dormant Oil Spray?

Many insects, such as mites, spiders, and aphids, lay eggs in trees and shrubs in the fall. These eggs hatch in the spring and produce larvae. The larvae feed on the trees and cause significant damage.

Dormant oil spray is a horticultural oil mixed with water and then sprayed on trees and shrubs. The dormant oil suffocates the pests by blocking the breathing pores or penetrating and destroying the cells of insects and mites exposed to it. Dormant oils prevent the larvae from inflicting significant damage on your trees and plants. Additionally, they are safe to use around people and pets.

When To Apply Dormant Oil 

You should apply dormant oils to trees and plants when they are dormant. Apply the spray when it is at least 40 degrees outside, so the oil doesn’t freeze before it dries. You also don’t want it to be too hot, typically, it shouldn’t be over 70 degrees. You should apply the dormant oil treatment for the ideal results before the trees bloom, not when they are already budding out or blooming. If you use the treatment too early, some residual will wear off before the insects hatch. On the other hand, if you apply dormant oil too late, it can damage the new growth on the tree.

Benefits of Dormant Oil Spray

One of the most important benefits of dormant oil is that it’s generally considered safe around humans and pets. It can cause irritation when you come into contact with it, so be sure you don’t inhale or ingest it and keep it away from your skin and eyes. Dormant oils generally do not harm beneficial insects since they are applied when beneficial insects aren’t present on trees and have low toxicity to mammals. Furthermore, dormant oils don’t leave harsh residue behind.

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