Perimeter Pest Control: What to Know

Perimeter Pest Control: What to Know on the green inc

If you’re tired of insects invading your property, it’s time to take a proactive approach by investing in perimeter pest control.

We like to think our homes are safe from the forces of nature, but without help, it’s only a matter of time until unwanted insects invade your space. Unfortunately, without a plan to keep bugs out, that’s precisely what they’re going to do. Pests constantly search for a comfortable place to live, and your home might seem very inviting. If you’re tired of insects invading your property, it’s time to take a proactive approach by investing in perimeter pest control. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Perimeter Pest Control?

Perimeter pest control is an outdoor barrier protection that prevents bugs from entering your home and foundation. This service creates an invisible barrier around the perimeter of your home. Everything, including foundations, windows, cracks, and other hidden crevices, are treated to prevent an insect invasion. Our services keep centipedes, silverfish, crickets, spiders, cockroaches, and ants from sneaking into your home when you least expect it.

How Does Perimeter Pest Control Work?

Good perimeter pest control should start with a thorough assessment of your property to identify problems and potential entry points for pests. Then, your pest control technician should create a custom plan. At On The Green, Inc, you can expect nine service visits. These visits occur when insects, bugs, and arachnids are at peak activity levels. Such a strategy targets outdoor insects before they can get inside. The targeted pests are killed, and the barrier also wards off new insects for the next four weeks. So, you can expect another month of peace without seeing these pesky insects around. Our special formulas are guaranteed to perform for 30 days.

Recognizing the Signs of an Infestation

Knowing how to recognize the early warning signs of pests in your home is essential. The sooner you act, the less severe the infestation will become.

Suspicious Buildup

Whenever you see a buildup of dirt that wasn’t there before, it could indicate the beginnings of a pest infestation. For example, bugs, spiders, beetles, ants, and cockroaches can leave behind residue resembling dirt. They also prefer to hide in enclosed and humid spaces. That’s why insects commonly congregate in basements and attic spaces. Grease stains, crumbs, food particles, and dirt smudges could result from neglected cleaning; however, sometimes, it can result from previously unknown insect activity.

Pest Droppings

As disgusting as this prospect is, pest droppings are another indicator of a potential infestation. The most common insect droppings you will encounter include flakes of skin, pieces of wings, and other body parts. Pest excrements are droppings or sticky residues that lead to mold accumulating on surfaces or even plants. When you see spiderwebs, it’s also a clear sign that bugs are nearby since spiders are predators that prey on insects to survive.

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