Deer Guard: Deterring Pests and Preventing Damage

Deer Guard: Deterring Pests and Preventing Damage on the green inc

We all know how cute deer can be, but what damage can they do, and how can you stop them from ruining your hard work?

With a population in the millions across the United States, deer are hazards on the roads and are capable of chewing up lawns and gardens entirely. Deer also carry ticks that can spread Lyme disease to humans and dogs, making them a bigger threat to your health than to your landscape. We all know how cute deer can be, but what damage can they do, and how can you stop them from ruining your hard work? Luckily, this is where our deer guard services at On The Green, Inc come in! Keep reading to learn more.

Deer Damage Can Ruin Your Lawn

Deer will eat all kinds of vegetation, from grass and hay to flowers, fruits, and vegetables. They especially love to eat strawberries, corn, and even the soft pieces of young trees. This makes your backyard a deer buffet, and they will eat as much as possible.

Deer do more than gobble up your plants, stomping all over the lawn, kicking around plants, and compacting the soil. Bucks will also rub on the trees with their antlers, potentially tearing the bark off them. This can cause growth issues with the trees, opening them up to potential infection or extra wear and tear from the environment.

How to Protect Your Property

Deer not only love to eat fruits and vegetables, but you’ll also find them nibbling on your decorative flowers, shrubs, and trees. That’s why it’s essential to protect all plants, especially those proven to attract deer. Consider barricading your garden or yard from deer by installing a fence high enough to keep them out. Deer can jump very high, about 8 feet, so you’ll need to install a fence at least 8 feet tall. It is also good to mow regularly and keep your yard free of debris to prevent deer from overstaying their visit. Also, be sure to eliminate any potential hiding spots, such as large bushes and other areas of cover that deer can hide behind. 

Invest in Deer Guard Services

On The Green, Inc. offers Deer Guard Winter Service and In-Season Applications Program to protect your evergreens, shrubs, trees, and other valuable landscape material from deer and other pests. Additionally, our deterring agents prevent wildlife from nesting in tool sheds, open landscape beds, shrubbery, and other structures on your property. Each of our applications resists wash-off by rain and snow with long-lasting results. Our deer guard services include:

  • Two Deer-Guard Winter Applications, one in late fall, and one in late winter.
  • Each application prevents deer from feeding on plant material for up to 3 months.
  • We apply the Deer Guard In-Season treatments during the growing season to maintain four weeks of protection with each application.
  • We then apply the In-Season program monthly from April to October.

Our Deer Guard program will not hurt deer but keep them away from your lawn and landscape. Our methods are cruelty-free and mindful of the safety of your property, pets, wildlife, and the environment. We use only the best and safest equipment and materials to secure your property and ecosystem. Contact the landscape experts at On The Green, Inc. to get started!

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