How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring on the green inc

Here are some tips for getting your lawn ready for spring.

We should get an early spring this year. But spring still has some cold weather spells that can prevent you from thoroughly enjoying the outdoors. There is still plenty to do in the garden before the weather warms up. While lawn care is a year-long activity, early spring is a good time to revisit your strategy and learn how to better care for your lawn. Here are some tips for getting your lawn ready for spring.

Remove Winter Debris

Once the temperature begins to warm, you should prepare your garden by cleaning any debris leftover from the winter. Clean up leaves, straw, hay, or mulch you used to cover and insulate your plants the previous year. An accumulation of these materials will make it hard for seedlings and perennials to reach the surface. They also provide a home for pests to hibernate in. In addition, you will need to either remove any leaves on the turfgrass and compost them or shred them with the lawnmower and leave them to fertilize your lawn.

Check Your Lawn for Crabgrass

Crabgrass is an annual weed that easily outcompetes cool-season grasses. The seeds germinate when soil temperatures reach 55 degrees or above for five consecutive days.

Crabgrass is a hardy weed and a single plant can produce 200,000 seeds during its lifecycle. It can withstand tremendous stress caused by foot traffic or machinery. Most cool-season grasses are much less likely to recover.

Managing crabgrass involves herbicides and adhering to cultural best practices. The best long-term solution is to thicken the lawn with a seasonal-long lawn care strategy. The thicker the lawn, the better it will suppress crabgrass growth.

Tune-Up Lawn Equipment

Tuning up lawn care equipment is vital in preparing your yard for a healthy and productive spring. Inspect your equipment for damages that could affect safety and functionality. Be sure to change the oil, air filter, and spark plug. Harsh winters make it harder for equipment to start up. If you can, warm your lawn mower in the sun for an hour or two before turning it on. This can help extend the engine’s life and reduce repair costs in the future.

Prune Perennial Plants

Throughout winter, any annual plants you may have overlooked must be removed and composted in early spring. Otherwise, your lawn will be filled with dead plants once springtime arrives. This can also prevent you from preparing your garden for new plants. You don’t have to be a gardening expert to clean your flower beds. Pruning the dead leaves from perennial plants and flowers is best. Removing the thick clumps of dead vegetation encourages new growth in your plants. However, you may remove new roots or plant growth in the process if you’re not careful.

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