4 Best Lawn Mowing Practices

4 Best Lawn Mowing Practices on the green inc

Beautiful, picture-perfect lawns are not created by accident but result from proper lawn mowing practices.

Beautiful, picture-perfect lawns are not created by accident but result from proper lawn mowing practices. Mowing is often viewed as one of the most important and beneficial practices you, as a homeowner, can do. The taller the plant, the deeper the roots and the thicker the lawn will be. A thick lawn is your best defense against weeds, disease, and insect infestation. Here are a few lawn mowing tips to help your yard stand out from the neighborhood.

Keep Your Blades Sharp

Sharp blades not only make your job easier with a faster, smoother cut, it also is important to the health and appearance of the lawn. A torn or ripped grass blade can make your grass susceptible to fungal disease in wet weather and excessive water loss in dry, hot weather. During the summer, the grass blade tips dry out and turn whitish or hay-colored due to the amount of torn surface area. Also, your lawn will be less able to withstand drought stress during the hot months. 

Have your blades professionally sharpened at least twice yearly or more often for large lawns. At On The Green, Inc., we offer mower blade sharpening services for existing customers. Don’t let a dull blade ruin your lawn!

Mowing Height

Mowing height is recommended between 3.5 to 4 inches. The higher you mow, the deeper roots will develop and the stronger your grass will become. Deeper roots mean better drought tolerance, better nutrient absorption, and a healthier lawn. Not only should you be on top of cutting your grass, but you also need to ensure not to cut too much. You should only remove 1/3 of the leaf blade at a time. Removing more than this causes stress and can weaken the plant.

Mowing Patterns

Whether it be rows or spirals, try to mow in different patterns each time you mow your lawn. Mowing in the same direction each time will leave streaks and striped lines that grow back irregularly. Rotate mowing patterns bу mowing north tо south оn one cut, аnd thеn east tо west thе next, finally going diagonally оn thе third cut. Changing the direction will help avoid tire rutting and wear patterns appearing on your lawn.

Get a Quality Lawn Mower

A quality mower can make the experience of mowing more enjoyable! Yes, we said mowing is enjoyable for many of us, and seeing the final manicured lawn on your property can be very rewarding. Instead of going for a bargain deal at a local hardware store, consider saving for a better mower to make the job easier and the final results better. Commercial push mowers with higher horsepower, a bit wider cut, and the durability to last for years, maybe a bit of an initial investment, but over time the savings will speak for themselves.

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