Lawn Diseases and How to Control Turf Fungus

Lawn Diseases and How to Control Turf Fungus on the green inc

No matter how much maintenance you put into your lawn, no yard is immune to lawn diseases.

No matter how much maintenance you put into your lawn, no yard is immune to lawn diseases. While you want to have a green, healthy turf, this isn’t always the case. Bare patches or discoloration may show up on your lawn and ruin the grass that took so much effort to grow. In particular, disease-causing lawn fungus can quickly wreak havoc, which is why it’s so important to get control of them as soon as possible. Every lawn needs appropriate lawn disease control in order to thrive. Keep reading to learn how to protect your yard from common lawn diseases and turf fungus.

What is Turf Fungus?

Turf fungus can appear in many different colors, textures, and shapes on your lawn. Parts of your yard might be turning various shades of red, and you might notice web-like mold growth or unusually shaped patches appearing on the turf. Turf diseases can be difficult to identify because, unlike lawn weeds, they are primarily microscopic. So, you don’t notice it until the infestation has already spread. 

Causes of Turf Fungus

Your grass is naturally full of fungi and spores, some are harmless, and some aren’t, but the right conditions can cause turf fungus to spread into a harmful disease. The most common causes of a lawn fungal disease are:

  • Drought
  • Improper mowing 
  • Compacted soil
  • Overwatering
  • Too much fertilizer 
  • Wrong grass type for your yard
  • Weather conditions 

How to Prevent Turf Fungus

Often, turf disease has begun to spread before homeowners realize it and, instead, they make the problem worse. Watering and mowing habits both have a significant impact on disease. It is recommended to water early in the morning, giving your lawn time to dry in the sun. When you water in the evening, the water sits on the lawn, creating a breeding ground for fungal growth. The way you mow your lawn also makes a difference. It is best to keep your mower blades sharp and clean to prevent spreading disease.

Invest in Turf Fungus Control

Turf fungus control products work great to protect your lawn when appropriately applied to treat various types of fungal diseases. However, the timing is essential. Getting fungal activity under control quickly is critical. It can destroy your lawn in a short amount of time, even overnight. At On The Green, Inc., our four-step Fungicide Program tackles even the most extensive patches of fungus on your lawn. Preventative and curative fungicides are used to shield turfgrass and accelerate its natural healing. Contact us today to learn more about our turf disease control services.

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