Keep Geese Off Your Property with These Tips

Keep Geese Off Your Property with These Tips on the green inc

Geese can be aggressive, create unsanitary conditions, and destroy property at a rapid rate.

You’ll inevitably see geese in your yard or flying overhead at some point in the year. Most of us are familiar with the Canada goose. Chances are they have made a home in your community or the local pond. Even more likely is that residents consider them to be a nuisance. Geese can be aggressive, create unsanitary conditions, and destroy property at a rapid rate. Their numbers have grown rapidly over the last few decades, becoming a widespread problem in urban and suburban areas. Remember, let professionals handle goose control issues; contact On The Green Inc. if geese invade your property.

Geese and Your Property

While geese are beautiful to watch soaring overhead, dealing with them on your property is another matter. A flock of geese will fight, poop, and honk every day. If you own a business where your grass and fields are tied to your income, having a flock of loud, messy birds will only hurt your business. And even if you don’t own a business, having geese on your property is a surefire way to ruin your spring and summer afternoons with your family.

Remove All Food Sources

Remove all birdfeeders and wildlife feeders from your property. Although birdfeeders are meant for songbirds, geese quickly find this food source and will visit just to feed. Be sure not to feed the geese and post signs to discourage feeding. Human food isn’t healthy for birds; they will always return for more food.

Use Strategic Landscaping

You can use a few landscaping tricks to make your property less appealing to geese. Tall, dense plants and shrubs are good deterrents because geese think predators could hide in them. Place plants or trees along the edges of your property to create a barrier if you can. Geese love areas with open sight lines, so the more landscaping, the better.

Apply a Goose Repellant

Applying a liquid goose-repellent product like Flight Control is one of the best ways to repel birds from your property. When geese eat grass treated with Flight Control, they experience temporary digestive irritation, which conditions them to stop feeding in that area. 

Flight Control also acts as a visual deterrent. Geese and other birds see in the ultraviolet spectrum. The geese can see Flight Control’s UV marker on the turf. This way, geese can tell the difference between grass that has been treated and grass that has not. They won’t want to stay on a property treated with liquid deterrent after experiencing the digestive irritation associated with it.

At On The Green, Inc, we use safe, eco-friendly, and reliable products and repellents to keep your family and lawn safe. We know these pesky geese can ruin outdoor activities, transmit disease, or destroy your yard, so we offer comprehensive goose control services.

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