Improving Your Soil’s Water Retention

Improving Your Soil’s Water Retention on the green inc

In spring and summer, lawns lose water in the atmosphere more than during the cooler months.

During the summer, irrigation becomes critical when caring for your lawn or garden. An effective irrigation system makes up for the deficit between the plants’ water requirement and the rainfall during the warmer months. In spring and summer, lawns lose water in the atmosphere more than during the cooler months. The water loss is known as evapotranspiration. This poses a real challenge for anyone wanting to maintain a green lawn. The problem might be the soil itself. It is the lack of microscopic water-retaining particles. The real question is: can your soil hold onto the provided moisture? In other words, how do you improve water retention in your soil?

What is Soil Water Retention?

Soil water retention relates to the soil’s ability to hold water. When it rains, or we water our lawn, gravity pushes the water down through the soil. The rate at which the water flows can happen very quickly, slowly, or not at all, depending on the soil type. The water penetrates the soil, and some water is held between the soil particles. The rest of the water is released into underground streams thanks to gravity.

Why is Soil Water Retention Important?

Building healthy soil should be the primary goal of any homeowner, and healthy soil coincidentally holds more water. So increasing soil water retention is in your best interest!

Healthy soil retains water very well, so you will have a healthier garden in the pursuit of better soil water retention. Soil water retention is important because plants and other soil-born life need that stored water to survive. 

Higher soil water retention means you don’t have to water so often, and the soil can withstand more prolonged periods of drought. If you water your lawn from a hose, increasing the soil’s water retention capacity is one way to reduce your water bill. 

Use Mulch to Improve Water Retention

Mulching is a great way to ensure water stays trapped in the soil, and your lawn gets the necessary nutrients. The idea is to trap the moisture in the soil by covering the top layer with a few inches of organic matter. Another benefit is that this will prevent weed growth; over time, the soil will obtain additional nutrients from the decomposing matter. 

Use a Moisture Manager

At On The Green, Inc, our Moisture Manager reduces the need for water, resulting in a healthier lawn while saving up to 50% on your water bill. This granular treatment includes a patented root zone management technology that reduces the overall watering requirements of your lawn.

It is a liquid group of hygroscopic and humectant components that attracts moisture. In other words, by acting like tiny “water magnets,” it forms microscopic droplets within the root zone. This process allows plants to utilize soil moisture otherwise lost to evaporation. 

If your lawn needs some extra care, contact the experts at On The Green, Inc. and learn more about our Moisture Manager services.

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