Aerating and Overseeding: 2 Secrets for a Beautiful Lawn

Aerating and Overseeding: 2 Secrets for a Beautiful Lawn on the green inc

Overseeding and aeration as regularly planned treatments are essential to your lawn’s health.

Even the best lawns face challenges, and one of the best ways to avoid them is to keep your grass strong and healthy. To many, that just means regular mowing and watering, pulling weeds, and applying fertilizers. While those are important things, they’re not enough. Overseeding and aeration as regularly planned treatments are also essential to your lawn’s health. Together, they refresh your turf and create the conditions to support new growth in healthy areas and replenish weak ones. Let’s go over the benefits of aerating and seeding your lawn this season.

What is Aeration?

Core aeration uses a machine to punch small holes into the soil, allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots more easily. This process creates new growth space and promotes a thicker, greener, healthier lawn. Aeration reduces compaction by loosening up tightly packed soils damaged from foot traffic or other activities like mowing or fertilizing. This allows for better drainage so excess water doesn’t stay on top of the ground for too long, which can lead to fungal diseases. Additionally, aerating creates space between soil particles where essential nutrients are stored until plants’ roots need them during their growing season.

What is Overseeding?

Overseeding is spreading new seeds on an existing lawn. Overseeding is something every lawn needs. The most obvious sign that it’s necessary is thin or bare patches in the grass, but even lush lawns need reseeding. The older grass will eventually weaken; the best time to add to it is when it’s healthy. This is because healthy grass is the best way to prevent weeds and pests from invading your lawn, and it also provides cover for newer grass at times of the year when it’s more vulnerable.

Overseeding Helps Your Lawn Thrive

Introducing new grass seed to your lawn fills in bare or thin areas and thickens existing turf. Over time, grass plants reach their peak and need to be replaced. Different factors can cause the breakdown of the grass, including foot traffic, heat, dehydration, environmental conditions, and pet waste. Seeding your lawn also builds resistance to diseases. Incorporating different grass seed blends reduces the risk of diseases wiping out your entire yard.

When Do You Need Core Aeration & Seeding?

Yard aeration reduces soil compaction, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the root system while promoting water flow. Overseeding deals with stressed areas and improves a lawn’s density and beauty. On The Green, Inc. provides the Core aeration and overseeding service using the best tools and equipment. Moreover, we will use tailored seed blends that fit your lawn’s profile and help it grow stronger and more beautiful each year.

Consider Core Aeration & Seeding if:

  • Your lawn shows signs of soil compaction.
  • Your lawn and landscape seem to need irrigation more than usual.
  • The yard doesn’t respond well to fertilization.
  • Your landscape presents brown patches and withered grasses more than usual.
  • You notice unusually intensive insect activity on your property.

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