4 End-of-Summer Landscaping Tips

4 End-of-Summer Landscaping Tips on the green inc

Your yard has a few more weeks left of summer, and we have a few late-summer landscaping tips to keep your lawn healthy through the cooler months.

Most would agree that Summer is the best time of the year. It is the season of the full sun and empty skies. It is the time when flowers come out in full bloom, nourishing our eyes and noses. But, as soon as it starts, it ends. By the time autumn begins, the previously well-manicured lawns start falling into decrepit. Your yard has a few more weeks left of summer, and during those weeks, there are a few late-summer landscaping methods to keep your lawn neat and healthy through the cooler months. 

Apply Fresh Mulch

If you have flowerbeds, you’ll want to start mulching. Add a layer of fresh mulch to your flower gardens to increase water retention. The mulch holds moisture to prevent dehydration during the hottest months. Mulch will also prevent weeds from growing around your flowers and maintain soil temperatures throughout the year. There are also many different types of mulch to choose from, so find one that compliments your landscaping. You don’t need to apply a thick layer of mulch. A half an inch thick layer will be good enough for your flower beds and instantly boost your curb appeal!

Aerate the Soil

Compacted soil prevents water from seeping through to the roots, which can stunt grass growth. Aeration provides grass access to air and water, allowing for deeper root growth. When aerating a lawn, a specialized machine punches holes in the soil to loosen it. This allows the ground to breathe, releasing nutrients, oxygen, and water into your grass. Late summer to early fall is the best time to aerate your lawn, as the combination of cool air and warm soil is optimal for grass growth.

Pull Weeds

While preparing your landscape, it’s important to remove any weeds you might find. It’s common for weeds to sprout during spring and summer. Typically weed seed is deposited by wind, birds and animals, or lawnmowers. Adding too thin of a mulch layer can promote weeds to grow in your flower beds. It’s important to catch and remove the weeds as fast as possible to prevent them from spreading. If you don’t remove the weeds in time, they will likely stay in your landscape for the entire year. 

When you find a clump of weeds, use your hands to uproot it. Uprooting the entire weed will remove it from your yard and prevent it from regrowing. Pulling the weeds out by hand also provides better results than harsh chemicals.

Trim and Prune Plants

Near the end of summer, be sure to check your trees and shrubs for dead limbs. These limbs often break due to damage from thunderstorms or lack of hydration. Remove any dead branches to promote healthy growth for the next season. Along with removing dead limbs, you’ll want to trim bushes and prune plants, especially ones that could interfere with walkways and A/C units that are too close to the house.

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