Reseeding Your Lawn Before Summer Ends is Easier Than You Think!

What are your plans for the fall? By the time summer ends, most homeowners only think about raking leaves. Still, that’s not all you can do. Because your lawn is about to go dormant for the season, you should do what you can to ensure that it is ready for next spring. That’s why reseeding can make such a considerable difference. The team here at On The Green is proud to say that aeration and over-seeding is one of our most popular services. So, with that in mind, how do you go about making sure it happens?

This Method Helps the Grass Seeds Thrive

A lush, thriving lawn needs to start with the best seed varieties. Planting fresh seeds in the late summer or fall provides for weeks of growth before frost, and the roots will be on the way for a stronger start in the spring. Cooler soil temperatures provide ideal conditions for germination and as summer weeds begin to wilt the soil will be open for the new grass. Now is the right time of year to begin reseeding your lawn. In the Fall, you provide the seed with a larger growth period before the next blazing summer could potentially cause harm. Something else worth noting spring is the time for ‘Pre-emergent’ or weed preventatives and these products also prevent the progress of turf seed.

Removing Dead Grass

Reducing the competition allows the new grass opportunity to succeed. Review your lawn before seeding and rake or power-dethatch to remove dead grass or excess thatch. Open the lawn to expose the soil beneath. This process allows for good soil-seed contact and is a key component for seed germination.

Alter Your Watering Habits

Too much water is just as bad, if not worse, then not enough. Once you have completed all of the reseeding tasks, change how you water your lawn. Monitor the condition of the soil and keep a close eye on the daily weather forecast. Rain will provide some hydration, and thus, irrigating your lawn becomes unnecessary. Germinating seed takes about 2 weeks. Allow for thorough germination and a few inches of growth and then cut back the watering to as needed to keep your new lawn green and happy.

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