Pest Problems: Dealing with Hyperactive and Destructive Fall Armyworms

Pest problems persist throughout the year. But as summer turns to autumn, there is another wave of nuisances that demand your attention. Fall armyworms are growing more active. And although they may seem harmless, they can leave some major damage on your property as they go along. So what can you do about them?

Areas of Activity

Fall armyworms are not just a problem for Maryland residents. Homeowners in many states (Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Kansas, Texas, and Tennessee) have indicated that they are being affected by these bugs. In Garret County, Maryland, the armyworms are feeding on turfgrass and ruining hayfields as well.

Potential for Further Problems

The lifecycle of these pests complicates matters. Before they pupate, the armyworms undergo six larvae instars first. By the end of September arrives, cooler temperatures will hinder the development and advance of the armyworms. New leaf sheaths and tillers can develop faster than the armyworm colony can eat them. So, our advice for every homeowner in Maryland is to take a closer look at the turfgrass under your feet. When you see them, you will know the larvae: the tiny creatures present as greenish bodies with black head capsules. Luckily, pesticides such as Spinosad, Provaunt, Mainspring, or Acelepyrn are all effective countermeasures.

The Presence of Caterpillars

Armyworm caterpillars are the primary form of this pest. They swarm across the ground, moving the way armies do, which is why they are called armyworms in the first place. How do they propagate? Their main food source, at this stage, is the blades and stalks of the grass they attack. However, since the roots and crowns remain intact, the arrival of fall rains will help the grasses regenerate. Whenever you see a brown lawn, your first reaction is to fix the lawn by adding seed. Reseeding throughout September and October is not only a good idea to fix armyworm damage, it’s an essential part of maintaining a beautiful lawn.

Why Are the Armyworms Everywhere?

Another pressing question is this: “why are the armyworms everywhere?” Because of how well they fly, they can travel very long distances especially in wind or with hurricane paths. This pest is new to our area and hasn’t been a problem in previous years. Its damage is expected to happen again next year and lawn care regimens will need some adjustments to be better prepared.

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