How to Recognize Moles and Attempt Mole Control

How familiar are you with the mole? While moles might look cute, they’re a threat to your home. Your lawn, garden, and property at large are not safe from the damage and disturbance they can cause. It’s a worthwhile investment of time, money, and energy to learn about some of the most common methods the pros use to ensure successful mole control. Here is a handy guide to help you!

How Can You Identify Them?

Without recognizing what a mole looks like, you’ll have a hard time determining they’re the culprits behind your pest issues. These small mammals are often difficult to spot because they can burrow underground so easily. They have short black or dark brown hair, a snout for a nose, and oversized digging claws relative to the rest of their bodies. They eat earthworms (which could help your lawn prosper) and grubs (which could ruin your lawn), and they’re easy to confuse with voles. Voles look similar, but these rodents are more like field mice than moles and prefer vegetation over insects. The main problem with moles is the destruction they leave behind with underground tunnels. The displacement of large amounts of soil looks bad, creates pockets in your lawn, and kills the grass from the disruption.

Typical Types of Damage They Inflict

More often than not, the trouble moles cause for you are purely aesthetic. Molehills aren’t fun to look at since they are composed of dirt piles visible above the grass line. Surprisingly enough, though, moles do kill a damaging pest of the lawn, grubs. That’s because the animals themselves consume grubs, beetle larvae, and other types of insects who could otherwise harm your grass.

Rooting Out the Problem

The quickest way to get rid of moles is to physically remove them from your property. Moles are cautious creatures and can be difficult to locate. Using a strategic approach helps provide long-term results. Effective strategies include bait poisons, traps and repellent products. Depending on the number of moles present and the location, each of the three strategies can be used in combination for best results.

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