The Grass Really is Greener: Taking Care of Your Lawn As Summer Ends

Every homeowner deserves to have a beautiful lawn. It’s something that inspires a lot of pride and showcases your landscaping skills to all of your friends, family, and neighbors. Doing yard maintenance amid a sweltering August doesn’t sound like anyone’s idea of a good time. But all of your sweat, hard work, and determination will pay off in the end! Here are some fantastic lawn care tips that you should incorporate into your yard work routine!

Be Wise When Watering the Lawn

Watering the lawn is one of the most important elements of lawn care. Automated lawn sprinklers are easier to use than ever before. Although distributing water one way may be great for plants, the schedule should be different when watering the lawn. We recommend deep infrequent watering the lawn as the best practice. However, fall seeding requires light daily seeding for two to three weeks to get the seed started.

Choose Organic and Natural Fertilizers

Our next suggestion is to choose better fertilizers. Here at On The Green Inc., we are proud to bring you organic and natural fertilizer. After all, science has shown that these substances accelerate the growth of the grass more quickly than synthetic counterparts. They’re also eco-friendly, and most importantly, safe to you, your family, and your pets.

Exercise Good Mowing Practices for Great Results

Good mowing practices are one of the major factors in how the lawn will perform. In a previous blog, we discussed important details that determine good mowing results including mowing higher, maintaining sharp blades, avoid clumping or mowing wet grass, and alternating directions when mowing. Combining these important tips for this weekend’s chore will help make your lawn thicker and healthier.

Make the Most of Compost

From grass clippings to manure to rotten fruit and vegetables, many natural ingredients aged with time will break down to Organic Compost. The benefits of compost go a long way with improving the soil to support plant life. The natural benefits of compost include recycled carbon-based nutrients, beneficial bacteria, and microbes that are all part of the ecosystem for plant life. These natural ingredients are what create the link between available nutrients in the soil and the roots of the plant. Applying natural compost to the lawn creates an immediate improvement in overall color, density, and growth.

On The Green Lawn Care is Here for You!

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