Common Summer Turfgrass Diseases Part 3: Dollar Spot

Keeping your turfgrass safe from fungal diseases is an essential part of lawn care. Lawn fungi can take various forms, and they are all incredibly damaging to your home’s landscape. Over the past couple of weeks, we have discussed the appearances and aftereffects of brown spot disease and gray leaf spot disease. Now it’s time to sit down and have a better look at another common turfgrass disease that crops up in the summertime: the troublesome dollar spot infection.

So What is It, Exactly?

This variety of lawn fungus creates unusual patches on the lawn. Because of the way the patches look once they have formed (as roughly the size and shape of silver dollar coins), they earned this odd nickname. This turfgrass disease zeroes in on the grass leaf blades and withers them. The roots and soils are left unharmed. However, the real concern is that the dollar spots can damage and even destroy numerous types of common turfgrasses.

Specific Climate Conditions That Accelerate Growth

Firstly, one reason why dollar spot disease flourishes in the summer is the environmental conditions. When it is extremely hot out, the soil underneath your lawn dries out. However, the humidity in the air contributes to the problem rather than working as a defense mechanism.

Secondly, moisture left behind by dew, rain, and irrigation will accelerate the growth of this fungus. Ideal climate conditions that this strain finds favorable include high humidity, negligible rainfall, and consistent temperatures that linger between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, this time of year is when the fungus is most likely to run rampant across your lawn.

Thirdly, the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences discovered that the fungal pathogen is carried by the mycelium found on previously infected plants. Grass clippings, in particular, are the most potent carriers. That said, the mycelium can also be spread around by high winds, water drainage, and turf maintenance equipment. Just walking around your lawn in ordinary weather can allow the mycelium to travel since they’ll ride around on your shoes while you’re none the wiser.

Proven Strategies for Preventing Future Outbreaks

Luckily, you can protect your lawn against dollar spot incursions. How do you accomplish this objective? Focus on proactive and preventative lawn care over attempting to control the rash of disease outbreaks. Water your lawn as deeply as you can, but don’t overdo it.

Change your approach to cutting the grass. Overseeding sounds detrimental, but it actually helps your lawn grow stronger even after an overzealous mowing job. Altering your aeration and fertilization routines will also make a tremendous difference.

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