Ant Control Tips: How to Eliminate These Annoying Pests

One of the worst parts of spring and summer is how the insects come alive again. Even though cicadas have gone dormant, there are other unwanted guests you’ll have to repel, for instance, ant colonies. They can get everywhere, and they’ll also do more than ruin your next picnic. Luckily, we here at On the Green are proud to say that we offer excellent ant control services. In the meantime, here are some great pointers on how to control existing ants and discourage further infestations from happening.

Rake Their Mounds

When was the last time you used your rake? Even though you probably haven’t been raking leaves, that doesn’t mean this tool loses its usefulness. Although it sounds like this ant control tactic won’t work, it actually does. Ants love to nest in soil that is both dry and sandy. Given the scorching temperatures of summertime, conditions are ideal for them to take up residence in your lawn. When ant mounds go unnoticed for long enough, the outside cones harden, protecting them against further damage. Raking the dirt covers up their holes and interferes with their ability to create new underground tunnels.

Use a Combination of Soap and Water

Dish soap and water can be great secret weapons as well. Environmentally friendly soap sprayed around the mounds can kill ants. However, don’t use boiling water. Hot water can cause the grass to wither. Room temperature water is enough to dilute the soap, so keep that in mind!

Deploy Diatomaceous Earth

Unless you’re an avid gardener, you might not know what diatomaceous earth is supposed to be. Well, you can thank fossilized algae for providing this ant control measure. This organic insecticide masquerades as a handy food source for the ants; after they eat it, they come to regret their choices. One by one, they’ll dehydrate – while it’s a slow death, they’ll carry residual particles back to their nests before they expire.

Try Using Chili Pepper

This unusual strategy might not work. Your mileage may vary. Still, give it a try and see if it acts as an ant repellant. Even if the pepper doesn’t work, the ant baits we mention below probably will.

Put Ant Baits to Work

Be careful when you use ant baits. For one thing, your curious kids and pets might tamper with them by accident. One last thing: did you know that certain brands of bait are formulated to endure harsh weather? It’s very true! All you have to do is make sure that the ants don’t move to the other side of your yard!

For persistent Ant problems On The Green Lawn Care is Here for You! Trust the professionals to identify and remove colonies that can exist deep beneath the service. Each Flea, Ant, and Tick Control service comes with a 30-day guarantee.

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