How Can Core Aeration Help Your Lawn Thrive?

Although core aeration probably sounds unfamiliar, this technique is a big deal. It’s been well-proven that aerating your lawn helps it flourish. But why exactly is this the case? Another good question that often comes up has to do with the benefits of this process. Well, we are happy to tell you more about this approach as you strive to keep your lawn looking fabulous!

First of All, What is It?

There’s no better place to start than with a basic definition of the topic at hand. As you might have guessed, aerating improves your lawn because the process helps your turf “breathe” better. The cores themselves are plugs that have been extracted from the earth. High-powered commercial lawn aerators pull cores of soil and thatch. The goal is to relieve soil compaction. Compaction prevents vital sustenance (namely, oxygen, water, and nutrients) from getting to the grass root system. Depending on the compaction density, a so-called “double-pass” method might become necessary to clear the way.

A Look at How Aeration Strengthens Your Lawn

Now then, let’s turn our attention to how core aeration improves the strength and durability of your home’s lawn. Environmental stressors such as rain, thatch, and foot traffic do more damage than you can see.

Decreased Damage

Core aeration decreases the likelihood of permanent damage by opening up the soil so that the roots get more air. The soil is also properly watered, which is just as important. Plus, the grass itself absorbs fertilizer more quickly; this helps promote density and growth.

The Underlying Turf

The underlying turf can grow faster, thicker, and withstand more dangerous conditions, such as drought and heat. One more thing: if you are worried about the spread of lawn diseases such as dollar spot and brown patch, and moss infestations, the core aeration and over-seeding services we offer can help repel these unwanted guests.

When Will This Method Make the Most Appreciable Difference?

Let’s move on. Even after you’ve read all of the above material, you might still have lingering concerns. For example, “when can I expect to see some real results?” If that’s the case, we thought you would never ask! Schedule aeration in the spring or fall, however seeding is best done in the fall. That way, the grass can heal and repair itself even after the plugs are gone. Warm-season grasses, such as Zoysia and Bermuda, benefit from this procedure in the summer as these types of lawns are growing actively. Did you miss that window? Not to worry, because cool-season grass types, like Fescue, can be prepared for the upcoming fall.

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