Common Summer Turfgrass Diseases, Part 1: Gray Leaf Spot

Many different turfgrass diseases can ruin your lawn. While some of the more common include Brown Patch and Dollar Spot, one you may not have heard of often enough is called Gray Leaf Spot. Also known as GLS, this affliction is highly destructive to your lawn. Today, we present a deep dive into this disease caused by a fungal pathogen known as Pyricularia grisea. The pathogen destroys the turf it infects because it kills off the blades. Brand new seedlings are particularly vulnerable, so if you plan on seeding soon, here is what you should know!

Frequently-Symptoms of the Infestation

Gray leaf spot disease affects both cool-season and warm-season grasses. However, as we progress into the height of summer, we advise you to be on your guard against it. The first stage exhibits small water-soaked spots that may seem harmless at first, but they will cause an outbreak that greatly resembles Dollar Spot.

What Causes Gray Leaf Spot?

Now, let’s discuss some of the causes of gray leaf spots. For one thing, brand new turf is the most likely victim. But the good news is that mature turf is more resistant to this condition. Hotter temperatures between 70 and 95 degrees accelerate the proliferation of the fungus. The fungal organism also needs 14 hours of continuous leaf wetness, at least, to take hold. Cloud cover, ill-timed irrigation routines, heavy rainfall, and overuse of nitrogen fertilizer also contribute.

A Quick Look at Prevention Methods and Treatments

Surprisingly enough, there are multiple prevention methods and treatments available. Stopping the growth of GLS calls for expertise; that’s why you can trust the team at On The Green Inc to contain its attempt to take over your lawn. In the meantime, try irrigating the turf in the mornings. Aim to do this before sunrise. Unfortunately, it’s not a good idea to water in the late afternoon or the early evening. Prune to encourage air circulation and allow more light for healthier turf. Also, try to improve mowing habits by sharpening blades and never mow shorter than 3.5 inches.

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