Why Should You Get Goose Control Services?

To combat pests like Canadian Geese, consider investing in Goose Control. On The Green, Inc. offers a pest control system designed for geese that is proven to work. We use patented Flight Control® Plus Advanced technology to keep your property goose-free without causing harm. We use products and services that do not harm pests as an environmentally-conscious business.

Are Geese Considered Pests?

Yes. Geese not only feed on your turfgrass but produce foul-smelling excrement that can eventually affect the health of your turfgrass. They can become aggressive and territorial. Even though the Canadian goose is overpopulated, it is a protected species and should not be harmed. To deter them from your property, we take out their food source.

What is Goose Control?

As the population of Canadian geese grows, so do our defenses against them. At On The Green, Inc, we use Flight Control Plus pest control systems in our Goose Control services. This pest control system uses ultraviolet light to create a boundary and prevent geese and other birds from invading your property. It is a 24/7 bird repellant that will give you peace of mind and keep your lawn goose poop-free without harming them.

How Does Goose Control Work?

Flight Control® Plus Advanced Repellent technology works by tagging your grass with ultraviolet light that the geese can see but humans cannot. Our technicians will apply a compound to the grass or turf that will give the geese digestive issues. The Canadian goose is a protected species by the United States government, which means our pest control methods will not cause lasting harm to the geese. Additionally, geese travel in flocks that tend to feed in the same areas. Once the geese discover the effects of consuming treat turf, the entire flock will leave.

When Should You Get Goose Control Installed?

The Canadian goose is well-known for having migratory patterns that move them south as the weather cools off. However, many of the local populations are non-migratory birds and will stay all winter. We recommend applying the Goose Control monthly, especially going into the winter season and early spring to break up nesting patterns near your property. Keep your lawn goose-free with our Goose Control services throughout the year.

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