Ornamental Landscaping: Which Fall Flowers Make Your Landscape Prettier?

It’s easy to think that your landscape turns dormant in the fall. After all, trees shed their leaves, and shrubs droop from a potential lack of nutrients. The sun isn’t out as long, and colder temperatures and brisk winds can damage the flowers and gardens you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. Even so, you don’t have to feel blue for too long. When it comes to ornamental landscaping, you have numerous flower options to add a pop of color to your home’s exterior!


Chrysanthemum flowers are visually stunning. Plus, they infuse your landscaping with a fiery glow worthy of autumn sunsets. Some of the colors you’ll see include red, orange, yellow, peach, white, and even pink. They’re extremely popular, which makes them plentiful enough that you can find and buy them with a minimum of hassle. Want to decorate your Thanksgiving table? Use these pretty flowers as your centerpiece.


Pansies are also enormously popular ornamental landscaping choices around this time of year. They carry a large number of blooms, although the old-fashioned varieties typically only sprout in neat mounds. Newer varieties are more versatile since you can use them in other ways. Perhaps in entrance beds, or in pots as decorations for pergolas or patios? And when you plant these flowers in the fall, by the time spring returns, you’ll be treated to a brilliant array of blooming colors.


Celosias are very easy to care for. They’re also available in the most common fall colors. Yellow, orange, red, burgundy, and purple are aesthetically pleasing elements of well-curated container gardens. Your landscape beds and borders benefit from them, too. Please don’t be shy about using them!

Purple Fountain Grass

Purple fountain grass has a strange name. And, technically, this grass doesn’t count as a flower, either. Still, it makes for a delightful pairing with the other flowers mentioned above. Its distinctive burgundy-purple foliage looks magnificent. Choose purple fountain grass if you’re looking for ways to add some texture to your ornamental landscaping ideas. They are great partners for mounding mums and kale.

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