The Importance of Watering Practices: Why You Should Adjust Your Methods

How often do you water your lawn? More often than not, homeowners are unaware of how their watering practices impact the health of the grass they are attempting to keep alive and healthy. That’s why it’s such a good idea to take a step back. Rethink your approach, your methods, and your habits. Right now, we’ll go over some tips and tricks we’ve assembled for watering and mowing your lawn this summer.

How to Mow Properly to Encourage Healthy Growth

We would like to discuss some of the best practices you should follow. Mowing the lawn seems tedious, but it’s one of the most important chores you can complete in the spring and summer. By cultivating good mowing habits, you can achieve fantastic results and maintain a beautiful lawn.

We suggest that you keep the height of your lawn between 3.5-4 inches. At first glance, this sounds like odd advice because “isn’t the point of mowing the lawn to keep it short?” Well, yes, that is true; however, cutting the lawn too short results in stress. A proper height supplies the lawn with many benefits including more light exposure to the longer blades. Longer blades also shade the crown (base of the grass plant) helping retain the moisture and protect the plant. Possibly most important: with a higher mowing height, the lawn will balance its root length to the blade length resulting in a deeper, stronger root system.

Deep Watering Strengthens the Lawn

Do you want to know a secret? Deep, infrequent watering practices turn out to be the best way to stimulate a more robust root system and reduce the potential for lawn stress and disease. We recommend two to three days a week, depending on the time of the year, type of soil, and the amount of sun exposure. Watering in the spring is usually not needed.

As spring progresses to warmer days, begin watering the lawn 1-2 days per week at 20-30 minutes per zone or area. As warmer temperatures progress to hot, and with less frequent rain, watering days can be increased to 2-3 days per week with times ranging from 45 minutes to up to 90 minutes per zone. The most important aspect of watering practices is to adjust the schedule depending on the specific requirements of the lawn. Full sun areas will require longer watering times than shaded areas. Sandy soils do not retain moisture and typically will require much more water than soils like clay or loam.

The practice of deep-infrequent watering includes focusing on fewer days per week and more time on the days you do water. This practice encourages deeper penetration of water and allows for a drying period between watering days. The benefits of utilizing this method include limiting disease activity as fungal growth is halted during the drying period. Deep watering also encourages the lawn roots to reach deeper into the soil because as the surface dries the lawn will begin stretching further to capture moisture.

Other factors can impact the lawn’s water requirements. Slopes are more subject to runoff and can increase the need for more water. South-facing slopes are particularly vulnerable to intense heat exposure due to the raised angle to the sun and as such tend to be the most difficult environment for lawns. Dull mower blades can also affect the requirements of the lawn as these blades are harder to recover from resulting in lost moisture through the open wounds.

The lawn is a living organism and requires constant oversight to keep it in prime health throughout the year. From a proper nutrient regimen to best mowing practices, to smart watering; they all affect how the lawn looks and how it performs throughout the year!

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