Six Essential Fall Landscape Tips

Once summer is over, many home and business owners look around at their lawn and wonder, “Now what?”. While you may feel tempted to cease all lawn care and landscape maintenance efforts after Labor Day, fall is actually a prime time to show your grass, beds, and gardens some much-needed attention to repair the damage caused by summer’s heat and drought conditions. Here are six essential fall landscape tips to get your property prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store throughout autumn and winter.

Fertilize And Weed

You’ll want to continue your fertilization and weed program throughout the entire fall season to ensure your lawn receives the nutrients it needs to remain healthy and strong throughout the winter. Partner with a professional lawn care provider that offers both a fall and winter fertilization application to eliminate autumn weeds that can suffocate your healthy plants as well as optimize green-up once spring rolls around.

Aerate And Overseeding

Summer’s heat, coupled with excessive foot traffic from outdoor events, can wreak havoc on our lawns. It’s common to find large patches of compacted grounds, thatch, and bare spots throughout our properties in the fall. Professional aeration and overseeding in autumn can revitalize the yard’s soil and root systems while promoting green, healthy grass growth.


Don’t retire your sprinkler system for the year just yet. The cool, crisp autumn air means you won’t have to water your lawn as often, but it’s still essential to keep your grass hydrated.

Rake The Leaves

Raking fall foliage on your property does more than just make your yard look neat. Leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris on your lawn can prevent your grass from absorbing water, fertilizer, and oxygen. Additionally, the leaves on your property can ignite fungus growth and are a haven for pests and insects seeking shelter from the cooler outdoor temperature and rains. Raking your lawn can even help remove excessive thatch, making it a must throughout the fall season.

Prune Trees And Shrubs

After a long summer of excessive growth, your trees and shrubs are ready for a little fall pruning. Now is the perfect time to thin out plants in your gardens, cut crossing branches, and remove diseased and dying limbs.

Plant New Landscapes

Many people don’t realize that there are countless ways to beautify their beds and ornamental gardens in the fall. Whether you want to plant new bulbs to get them rooted for the spring, or would like specific flowers, trees, and shrubs installed for a burst of seasonal color, fall offers an excellent opportunity to update your landscapes.

Is Your Property Fall Ready?

If not, On The Green can help with your fall landscape needs. We offer a full suite of fall and winterization services to strengthen and rejuvenate your property so it’s healthy, vibrant, and robust. Contact us today to hear more.

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