Winter Lawn Care: Protect Your Trees

Winter is coming faster than you think and here in Maryland we usually get bitter temperatures and plenty of snow. But we aren’t the only ones who experience the intense cold. Our trees are not immune to the weather and are not protected like hibernating animals. This can be stressful on non-native or young trees that are still very vulnerable. Follow these steps to make sure your trees are well protected this winter and thrive in the spring.

Cover Young Bark

Cover the bark of young trees to protect it from sunscald and gnawing rodents. Sunscald occurs when tree trunks thaw during the day and freeze at night which can cause cracks in the bark. You can use crepe paper or paint the bark white to reflect the sunlight. For animals such as rabbits and deer use a plastic wrap or wire to prevent chewing and antler rubbing. Remove the covering in spring.

Protect Against Diseases And Malnutrition

Covering your bark will protect from sunscald and animals but what about what’s going on inside your tree? Is your tree getting enough nutrients? Are there invasive, disease-carrying insects laying eggs under the bark? At On The Green, Inc we provide a variety of options to keep your trees healthy and insect-free such as dormant oils and deep root fertilizing. Check out our Green Care Tree and Shrub Program.

Irrigation Maintenance: Winterize Your Pipes

Your irrigation system is the bread and butter of your yard and keeping it well maintained is essential to keeping your yard looking healthy and green. At On The Green, Inc we provide year-round irrigation maintenance from removing all the water out of your system in the winter to reconnecting and pressurizing in the spring. We even test the system and program an efficient watering schedule in the summer.

Ice Melt

Sodium chloride, aka, rock salt is used to melt snow and ice on roads but salt can harm trees and other plants if it gets into the soil. Protect your roadside trees with a plastic barrier and use ice melting products that use calcium or magnesium chloride on your own sidewalks and paths.

On The Green’s tree and shrub program coupled with our professional irrigation maintenance will get your yard ready for winter so it can thrive in spring and summer.

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