Fall Pest Control: Keep Mosquitoes At Bay

Here in Maryland and Virginia, our warmer climate allows us to spend ample time in our yards throughout the fall season. One of the few downsides to our gorgeous seasonal weather are the mosquitoes. We can’t quite seem to shake, even after summer ends. These pests can thrive throughout much of autumn, putting a severe damper on all of our outdoor events and activities.

Fall Impacts Activity Levels of Mosquitoes

Knowing some vital facts about mosquito behaviors and activity levels throughout the fall can help you proactively prepare for what lies ahead with these bugs in the upcoming months. Here are a few basic stats to keep in mind this autumn. During the fall, mosquitoes:

Like It Hot

Unsurprisingly, the temperature is one of the biggest influences on mosquito activity levels. As cold-blooded creatures, mosquitoes thrive in hot weather, preferring temperatures at 80+ degrees but remaining active when the temps dip into the 60s and 70s.

Have A Temperature Cut Off

While they’d rather bask in scorching heat, these bugs can still thrive in temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the thermometer hits 50, these insects officially shut down for the winter.

Can’t Fight The Frost

A significant temperature disruption can also have a considerable impact on mosquitoes in the fall. A hard or killing frost (defined as two consecutive hours of temperatures below 28 degrees Fahrenheit) can annihilate the local mosquito population, quickly killing all exposed mosquitoes in a short timespan.


Often, mosquitoes don’t disappear completely, even in the winter. Many of these insects “overwinter,” a process similar to hibernation. Eggs laid in the colder months go into diapause, a phase where development slows until the right weather conditions are present again. Overwintering is one of the many contributors to various mosquito-borne diseases reappearing every year.

Tips To Control Mosquitoes This Fall

No matter what the season, mosquitoes are more than a nuisance. When left untreated, these vicious insects pose a serious health risk to our families and pets. This makes it essential to take the steps needed to reduce their populations and keep our loved ones safe. Some helpful fall mosquito control tips include:

Rake Your Leaves

Accumulated leaves, twigs, and branches can quickly lead to standing water, which mosquitoes adore. Consistently raking and cleaning up leaves throughout your property in the fall can eliminate a warm, sheltered breeding ground for these bugs.

Clean Your Gutters

Similar to your lawn, your gutters can also get clogged with standing water and debris. This serves as a beacon for bugs looking to get out from the cooler temperatures. Cleaning out your gutters and downspouts can minimize the risk that mosquitoes will begin to nest in your drains.

Get Professional Help

What’s the best way to control mosquitoes in your yard? Get professional help. A skilled and experienced mosquito control company has entire crews trained in identifying pest hotspots to quickly and effectively reduce the mosquito population throughout your property so you and your family can get back to enjoying fall.

On The Green offers professional mosquito control services that decrease the threat of mosquitoes throughout your residential or commercial property. Contact us today to schedule your no-risk consultation today.

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