Fall Lawn Care: Aerate And Overseed

Summer brings with it a slew of events and activities best enjoyed outside. Suddenly, our backyards are more than just mere grass and gardens. As the weather warms up, our exterior property transforms into outdoor living spaces. Our lawns turn into our favorite spots to dine, entertain, play, and simply lounge in whenever we have free time.

Summer Stresses Can Wreak Havoc On Your Turf

Unfortunately, a summer spent outside enjoying our properties can have severe consequences on our lawns. By fall, many residential and commercial properties in the region begin to show telltale signs that they are in desperate need of some fall lawn care. Dead spots, bare patches, soil compaction, and excessive thatch are just a few indicators that our lawn is in serious need of a little autumn TLC. For many home and business owners, fall lawn care often means adding core aeration and overseeding to their current turf care programs.

Aeration: The Fall Lawn Care Technique That Can Repair Summertime Turf Damage

Most people recognize that aeration and overseeding play a vital role in sustaining the health and strength of their lawns; however many assume that spring is the best (or only) time to use these services to revitalize their properties. Not true.

While aerating and seeding after the spring thaw is important, it’s not the only time to use supplemental lawn care services to help your turf thrive. In fact, for locales throughout Maryland and Virginia, fall is actually the best time to utilize these options, for a multitude of reasons. Professional aeration of your residential or commercial property in the fall can yield many essential benefits to your turf, including:

  • Circulates vital nutrients throughout the soil
  • Promotes deeper root systems
  • Reduces thatch levels
  • Supports green and active growth
  • Increases disease resistance
  • Prepares lawn for winter survival and future spring green-up

Overseeding Put The Finishing Fall Touches On Your Lawn

While professional aeration revitalizes soil and root health, it’s only one step in an effective summer stress repair process. High heat and drought conditions can burn, damage, and deplete our lawn. This makes it vital to care for the grass as much as we do the grounds, enter overseeding.

When used in conjunction with core aeration, overseeding is a straightforward, affordable service that offers its own set of benefits. Your professional lawn care provider will assess your property to identify exactly how much overseeding is needed to optimize results. Proper overseeding can quickly repair bare and sparse spots to restore the look of a thick, green, lush lawn. Beyond aesthetics, professional overseeding can also promote a hardy immune system. This will help to safeguard your property from any winter and spring diseases and pest infestations.

On The Green’s core aeration and overseeding services can help get your lawn, beds, and gardens fall ready. Contact us today to speak with one of our specialists and schedule your appointment for your fall lawn care!

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