6 Rodent Control Tips for Winter

6 Rodent Control Tips for Winter on the green inc

Preventing a rodent infestation is easier than treating one, so here are some tips to help keep rodents away this winter.

The weather has turned, and everyone is seeking shelter indoors, even the rodents. Rodents, like mice, rats, and voles, are known for finding their way inside homes during the cold winter months. Cold weather can lead to rodent infestations. Rodents contaminate food and spread potentially harmful diseases to your family. Plus, rodents also cause structural damage by chewing on wood, insulation, and electrical wiring. Preventing a rodent infestation is easier than treating one, so here are some tips to help keep rodents away this winter.

Seal Cracks and Openings

Making your home pest-proof for the winter helps tremendously. By removing cold air entry points, you’ll also lower your energy costs. Walk around the exterior of your house and look for gaps around windows and doors. Seal any cracks or openings bigger than a quarter-inch wide. Larger rodents, like mice and rats, may squeeze through extremely narrow gaps.

Clean Up Food and Crumbs

One of the best ways to prevent mice and rats from entering your home is to eliminate any food sources that may attract their attention. This means promptly cleaning up spills and keeping your countertops and floors free of crumbs. If you have dogs or cats, keep their food sealed and stored off of the floor.

Trim Back Shrubbery and Trees

Rodents are excellent climbers, using high tree branches and shrubs to access your home. Make it more challenging for rodents to reach your home by cutting tree branches that hang over your home and trimming hedges that sit against your home. 

Maintain Your Landscape

Winter should be no excuse for neglecting your garden or landscape. Overgrown bushes and untidy landscapes with wood piles are open invitations to pests like mice and rats. You should trim your garden in winter to prevent pests from hiding in the grass. If you cannot trim your lawn yourself, hire a lawn care company to take care of your landscape and protect your property.


Eliminate clutter wherever possible to reduce nesting places for rodents. These pests will gnaw on cardboard, newspapers, insulation, and books to create nests, so store your belongings in plastic containers with lids.

Call On The Green, Inc. for Rodent Control

If you’re interested in rodent control services for keeping pests out, contact On The Green, Inc. today. We employ various methods to eliminate these pesky critters, including reducing favorable conditions, barrier application, traps, and bait stations.

Our service includes an initial and repeated treatment in approximately two weeks. After the first two treatments, retreatment is scheduled every 30 days, depending on activity and time of the year. Only after effective and complete control can the service be halted until further activity is noticed. 

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