Tips for Preventing Stink Bugs and Other Pests

Tips for Preventing Stink Bugs and Other Pests on the green inc

The last thing you want to worry about is stink bugs entering your home.

Stink bugs in Maryland are a common and frustrating problem. They have become a growing concern due to the lack of natural predators to keep their numbers down. This pest emits a foul odor when crushed or threatened, proving a successful defense mechanism. Of course, the last thing you want to worry about is stink bugs entering your home. These pesky creatures aren’t harmful, but they are nuisance pests that creep people out. Here are some tips for keeping stink bugs out of your home.

Understanding Stink Bugs

Stink bugs have similar features to other insects, like their legs, antennae, and wings. But something that sets stink bugs apart, visually, is their unique shape. Stink bugs have an overall body shape that resembles a shield. Because stink bugs are invasive, they often appear in large numbers, which drives their behavior. Stink bugs want food and shelter. Your backyard can provide food, and your home can provide warmth. This is why it’s important to protect your home from stink bugs when the temperature drops.

Protecting Your Home from Stink Bugs

As with any pest, the best course of action is to try and prevent stink bugs from entering your home in the first place. The truth is that outdoor pests will always try and find a way inside. 

You can keep stink bugs out of your home by sealing cracks in the foundation, around doors and windows, and patching torn screens. You might be looking for what kills stink bugs; however, you should avoid crushing them since this releases a foul odor. Instead, carefully sweep any stink bugs outside or flush them down the toilet!

Keeping Stink Bugs Out of Your Garden

Protecting your landscape from stink bugs requires a proactive approach and timely action. Inspect your plants regularly to detect signs of stink bug activity, such as the bugs themselves, leaf damage, or egg clusters. If you notice these insects, consider using row covers or mesh netting to create a barrier between the stink bugs and your plants. Natural predators, like birds, also help control their populations, so encourage a diverse and healthy ecosystem in your garden. 

Invest in Perimeter Pest Control 

Of course, the best way to keep stink bugs and other pests away is with a perimeter pest control service. Perimeter pest control creates a barrier around your home to keep pests, like stink bugs, from getting inside. Good perimeter pest control begins with a thorough assessment of your property. Weak spots and entry points are identified and then targeted with perimeter pest control applications. 

On The Green, Inc. offers our Home Pest Protection Plus to create a barrier around the home’s perimeter. Our service protects your home inside and out to remove and keep pests away! Contact us today to learn more.

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